A festive week in Nursery


As we lit our first Advent candle, the week began with two amazing performances of the Nativity story, on Monday to the whole school and on Tuesday to our families. The children sang from their hearts, remembered actions and delivered their word perfect lines clearly and even mastered using a mic on stage! We are very proud of them.

We had a visit from Elfie who gave us a challenge of writing a letter to Father Christmas, telling him all the good things we have done and what we would like as a present. Everyone rose to the challenge and had lots of ideas for their letters. The children then practised their pencil grip and mark making when writing their letters to Father Christmas. Problem solving skills were used to work out how to get our letters into the post box and the children then helped each other fold them carefully so that they would fit into the slot. The next day, we arrived in school to find the post box had been moved and Mrs Hurley’s special camera had taken a picture of Elfie collecting all our letters to take them to the North Pole! 

Our role play cafe closed for the season, but has been replaced by Santa’s Workshop. The children have been very busy wrapping gifts, counting paper chain links they have made before hanging them around the tree and comparing sizes of children’s stockings to work out if gifts will fit in. Lists have been made to ensure our final week of preparations covers all we need to do in order to prepare for Christmas Day. All we need now is some snow! 

Year 6 this week


The Christmas season has started in Year 6! The children sang brilliantly in their Christmas play. We designed our Christmas cards, opened our Advent calendar and looked at how Mary responded and why God chose her through ‘The Annunciation’ in RE. We also spent time sharing our Christmas Truce projects, which were AMAZING! The different ways of presenting were so creative-I can see you all spent a lot of time on them, so a big well done! 
In Maths we have looked at the relationship between percentages, fractions and decimals and solved problems by converting one to another. In English we have looked at explanation texts and written our own using all the features. 
Have a restful weekend to prepare for the exciting week ahead!! 


This week in Reception…


Advent has come, Christmas is near…

A wonderful start to the first week of Advent with two performances of the Nativity. Wonderful singing, acting and speaking out loud from all of the children. Sharing Mass on Thursday with our friends in Nursery and KS1 was a great way to reflect on how we are getting ready for Christmas. Thank you to all the parents and friends who joined in these celebrations.

Maths this week was all about measuring. We compared the heights of different Christmas trees, ordering them from tallest to shortest. Some of us used cubes to measure how tall each tree was. In Discover and do, we decided to compare the length of all the paper chains we had made in busy fingers to find out which one was the longest.

In phonics, we have been practising ALL the phonemes we have learned so far….there are lots. Some of us also tried spelling the tricky words we have been learning. Super letter formation. We also practised our letter formation when writing Christmas messages in the beautiful cards we have made.

Well done for wrapping up warm. We haven’t noticed the lack of heating too much as we’ve been very active. Dancing to ‘The snow dance’ on Boogie Beebies and parachute games in PE were some our favourites

Have a good rest this weekend Reception because Santa needs our help next week: there are lists and letters to write, presents to wrap, parcels to weigh, as well as enjoying the snow…hopefully!


Advent in Year 2


IMG_2623Another incredibly busy week in Year 2.  We continued to practise our play ready for next week.  We were inspired by the wonderful EYFS and KS2 performances this week.  We hope that we have saved the best until last with “Gabriel’s Big Break” next week!

The highlight of the week was our beautiful Advent Mass on Thursday.  Year 2 were excellent role models and helped lead the Mass with amazing singing and impressive reading. In our RE lessons we have been learning about the symbol of the Advent Wreath.  Each day we have been reading our Advent Promises and are working hard to prepare to meet Jesus at Christmas .

Elfie joined us this week and enjoyed hearing us read and helping us with our Christmas makes.

Next week is packed with activity again.  Dress Rehearsal on Monday.  Our performance for Parents is on Tuesday at 9.30.   Christmas Dinner on Wednesday. Thursday is Party Day! Have a good rest this weekend Year 2. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas!

Our week in Nursery


This week we have centred our learning around the Nativity story. Rehearsals have continued for the EYFS Nativity next week with our friends in Reception class and we are counting down the days until we can show our families the performance. 

In Literacy, we have been sequencing the Nativity story with pictures, mark making Nativity storybooks, retelling key events and remembering all the main characters and order of the story. Our joining skills have been extended by creating stick  puppets of the key people in the play and we have used them to retell the Nativity at story time. 

We also helped to change the colours in our class Prayer Area from green to purple and learned about the getting ready time of Advent. To help us prepare for Jesus’ birthday at Christmas, we worked together as a class to create our Advent Wreath, counting out the leaves and special candles. Finally, in our RE circle time, we discussed how we can get ready in our hearts for Jesus’ birth by doing something extra for someone else. 

Year 2 Christmas Journey


Year 2 had a wonderful visit to St. Andrew and St. George’s Church this morning.

We were met by a Roman Centurion who stamped our passports.  We met shepherds,  the wise men, Anna and Simeon and heard the Christmas Story.  A real highlight was our meeting with Mary and Joseph and a real live baby Jesus.

Along the way we made lovely souvenirs to help us to remember the events in that very special story.  A huge thank you to “Bridge Builders” and the wonderful volunteers who acted out events so realistically. We were given a beautiful gift to bring back to school – a book – “Babushka”, the traditional Russian tale for Christmastime.

Year 6 this week


Another busy week in Year 6! In Maths we have been practising converting measurements, rounding whole and decimal numbers and using brackets for calculations. 

In English we have looked at the text ‘Hurricane’ and used it to practise different uses of commas. We ended the week creating role-plays for our own sequel to the book-the acting was very impressive!!!! 

In RE we have been researching organisations which work for justice and have found out how their work links to Jesus’ teachings. 

Hope to see lots of you at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow!