This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four we have been working on writing an opening for a warning story as well as practising adding and subtracting tenths and hundredths to two place decimals. We have also learned about the different layers which can be found in the rainforest and the creatures which can be found there. We began our RE topic on Islam by learning about the mosque and the Quran. In Art, we focused on the use of colour, working on giving depth to our rainforest art by using different shades of the same colour.

This Week in Year 3


Thank you for all your support towards the Corpus Christi Procession on Thursday, I’m sure you will all agree it was a brilliant success.

This week in Year 3 we began by starting to learn about shape poems by thinking about calligrams. In Maths, we focused on doubling and halving and some of us found a very interesting patterns in our numbers! I RE we spent time learning about Corpus Christi and got the chance to make our own paper Monstrance. In History we have continued learning about the Ancient Egyptians, specifically, the mummification process.

Have a lovely weekend!

Our week in Nursery


We have had fun finding out how to make 10, counting, using resources to support our maths, writing numerals and playing addition puzzles!

Thursday saw our first Corpus Christi celebration – it was fantastic! We prepared by learning how to genuflect, recognising the monstrance that Fr Michael held during the procession and by bringing in flowers to decorate the altars.

We then used the flowers to support our learning through observational drawing, labelling, investigating shape in nature and finally we got to take our flower

home as a memento of the day!

Our week in Year 1 


Year 1 have continued their Science learning about plants this week by learning about the sorts of plants we might find in a garden. We designed our own gardens full of beautiful plants and had a close look with the magnifying glasses at some of the flowers that had been brought in for our Corpus Christi celebration on Thursday. We found roses, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, carnations and freesias to name but a few! 
In P.E we have been busy practicing our throwing skills ready for Sport’s Day by playing games with the foam javelins. We have also been practicing some of the races we will be taking part in! 
We’ve been thinking about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books in
English this week and started our week reading ‘The Dancing Tiger’ by Malachy Doyle. We then read some non-fiction books about tigers and used them and the iPads to find out lots of facts about them. We began writing our own non-fiction books today with the facts that we had researched. 

Have a lovely weekend Year 1! See you next week. 


This week in Year 6


We’ve had a productive week in Year 6, despite the hot weather! 🌞

In RE we created unique acrostic poems having read a reflection by Blessed John Henry Newman. We also found out about the Sacrament of Confirmation. We used the laptops to create a presentation to show what the Sacrament does for us.

We completed our yearly profits for our theme parks. In the next lesson the children will be thinking about advertising and adding new rides to their parks. 🎡🎢

The children continued with their Natural Disasters projects this week – they are starting to look great!

We had a visit from Mr Wright and Mrs Wright from The John Henry Newman School on Monday. They taught us some new songs for their Community Mass in July.

On Thursday, the children took part in a rounders session booked with Stevenage Sporting Futures team – excellent effort everyone!

Our play is starting to take shape – we have started rehearsals in the hall, creating the backdrop and making props! Don’t forget to practise at home – projecting voices and acting! Please remember to start organising costumes too – you can bring them in once you have them.

Have a fabulous weekend – hopefully the sun will keep shining! 😎


A wonderful week in Nursery


We have focused this week on our investigating, observing and exploring skills and have discovered that Nursery children are scientists, engineers, botanists, artists, and team leaders!

Our exploring in the outdoor area led to the discovery of beautiful caterpillars just resting on leaves. We had already observed our own caterpillars grow and change into painted lady butterflies and watched in amazement as they flew away once we released them in the garden.

investigating gave lots of opportunities for writing and recording experiments and for trying out skills in a different area of the class. We counted and measured and arranged objects in length order. Practising and using our skills independently. A wonderful week of learning Nursery!