The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Last week in Year 3 we started preparing for Advent.

We discussed the ways we prepare for advent, what we do on Christmas Day and why this is such a special day for us.

We also looked at the Advent Wreath and explored the meaning of each part of the wreath.

Another part of our preparation for Christmas is the cards we often send.  We had a look at some Christmas cards and thought about how they didn’t reflect the reason we celebrate Christmas, so we decided to make our own cards, which show nativity scenes, the three wise men and the journey Mary and Joesph had to take.

This week, we made leaflets for people who may not celebrate Christmas, or know why we celebrate Christmas to explain all the preparations we do and why.

Connecting Classrooms


Year 1 were very excited to receive some news from Class 1 at our partner school in Nepal this week! Inspired by the UN’s Global Goals, the children have been learning about animals in Nepal and the United Kingdom and have been sharing their learning with one another. The children in Nepal taught us about domestic, land and aquatic animals and Year One created a non-fiction book about animals found in the United Kingdom.

This week in Reception…


Ring out the bells, ring out the bells, let’s celebrate…the Nativity was great.

Well done to Nursery and Reception for learning their lines, singing the songs, performing the actions, changing into costumes, getting up on, and down off,  the stage to retell the Nativity story in such an entertaining way.

Have a good rest this weekend ready for lots more learning next week.IMG_6626.JPG