Friday Message for Nursery


We’ve had a wonderful week in Nursery! The children are starting to get to know each other and form friendships and they are becoming familiar with their daily routines. We’ve been enjoying the lovely weather and doing lots of outdoor learning. The children have really enjoyed the mud kitchen and water play. We’ve also been learning to recognise 2D shapes by making shape pictures and we’ve been practising our cutting skills.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mr Shields and Mrs Hurley

This week in Year 1…


Year 1 have been learning about the weather this week. We watched the weather forecast and began to set up our own weather station in our outdoor area so that we can observe the changes in the weather over the course of the year. We made windsocks to observe the strength and direction of the wind and read the temperature outside using a thermometer. We noticed that it was unusually hot this week; last week we found lots of evidence that autumn had started on our walk down the Wiggly Path! We learned about the best ways to keep ourselves safe on a hot, sunny day and made predictions about the best clothes to wear to keep ourselves cool. We took ice cubes and black and white paper outside to observe on which paper the ice cubes melted fastest in the sun. We concluded that white clothes are better at keeping us cool on a hot day!

Well done for your first spelling test today Year 1. You were fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week!

This Week in Y6…


What a fantastic week Year 6! I am so proud of how well you have managed to settle into our class routines and organise yourselves, ready for learning, so that you can be the best that you can be!

This week, you have made excellent progress in your place value revision. Today we started our revision on negative numbers and the balloon game was great fun, wasn’t it? Show someone how to play at home this weekend!

We have started writing our descriptive story openings and I am thrilled with what you have written so far! What a great start to your Year 6 writing journey!

Also, a huge ‘well done’ to Thomas, Austin, Jessica and Anastasia for your fantastic acting of the troll scene from The Hobbit today! Mrs Tillbrook couldn’t stop giggling!

And WOW! Your spelling test results were superb! Keep up the hard work.

Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Mrs Davies 😊

This week in Year 5…


What a productive week we have had! 

We started our novel ‘Goth Girl’ and looked at features of newspaper reports. In Maths we have been busy solving problems relating to area and practising our explanations using our reasoning skills. 

We were excited to start our Anglo-Saxon topic. In RE we looked at how we are upsetting the balance of nature and thought about questions we would like to ask God about his creation! 

Finally we used our fabulous observation skills to draw a house (and agreed we would all like to live in them too!) 

Have a restful weekend 


This Week in Year Two


A super busy week in Year Two this week. We have worked really hard and are settled into our new routines now. Inspired by “Here We are – Notes for Living on Planet Earth” by Oliver Jeffers. We painted self portraits and reflected on our uniqueness. We explored the outdoors and managed to find most of the things listed on our scavenger hunt shopping lists. We wrote letters to tell an alien visitor about ourselves and our wonderful world. We made leaflets to explain about the features of our world.

It was lovely to see the children using the new playground markings to create some new games.

In RE we are learning about “Chosen People” and this week we have learned about Moses. We listened to stories about his childhood and what happened when God spoke to him.

In Science we learned about the amount of sugar in different soft drinks and were amazed at the number of teaspoons of sugar some of them contained. We decided that water is definitely the best choice!

This Week In Year Four


This week in Year Four we’ve been enjoying learning about electricity. We’ve also been practising our reading skills by learning how to find evidence in the text. We’ve written lots of noun phrases about dragons, learned about regrouping four digit numbers and we’ve even listened to the story of Abraham in RE. Year Four have worked really hard. There is so much to remember and you are doing really well!

This week in Reception…


What a busy week we have had!

We have continued to use ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers to support our learning. We talked about what makes us special and what we can do. Everyone at a go at recording their ideas using pens and pencils and paper. We developed our counting skills by playing Number Splat and our phonic skills by playing Sound Splat!

Reading books have come home this week to share. Remember to talk about the pictures to tell a story about what is happening in the pictures. We have learned that we can’t segment tricky words and are learning to recognise ‘I’ and ‘the’ as well as the phonemes /s/a/t/p/i/n/. Look for your grapheme cards in your bag and play ‘Sound Splat’ at home.

We have continued to enjoy the gorgeous weather by exploring the resources in the garden. Our PE lessons have also been outside too.

Have a good rest Reception and I look forward to more learning with you next week.