This week in Reception…


Welcome back Reception to a wonderful first week of the summer term.

Our book this week,  ‘Kicking a ball’ by Allan Ahlberg, has inspired lots of learning both inside and out. First,  we wrote about where we would like to kick a ball with ideas ranging from the park to Egypt to the North pole! We then decided to find out about how bouncy the balls are in our garden…we investigated how high they bounced measuring against our friends and then using tape measures after talking about which materials the balls were made from.

In RE, we have been thinking about new life. We went on a walk to spot signs of new life and brought back some twigs and sticks to make a beautiful new life cross in class.

In maths, we have been counting in ones and in tens and looking at the different patterns. We also investigated how to record our addition and subtraction sentences when we were solving more or less problems.

Outside we really enjoyed making a backdrop for our outdoor stage and are looking forward to writing some stories and songs to use on the stage! Our garden has lots of shady areas, but we still need to remember sun hats for when we are out at lunch time.

Have a good rest this weekend ready for more learning next week.


Year Four This Week


This week we’ve learned a lot about Hinduism in preparation for our visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor next week. We’ve been writing about Hindu beliefs and places of worship, as well as learning about where Hinduism is practised today. We’ve listened to the story of Rama and Sita which is celebrated at Diwali, and begun to design masks of some of the characters.



In RE we reflected on the resurrection, what it meant for the disciples and what it means for us. In Science we observed water in different states and watched evaporation in action. In Maths we have been practising our methods of multiplication.

Year One 


We’ve had someone missing from Year 1 this week – our class bear Frodo! On Monday morning there was a letter waiting for us. Frodo had been on holiday and had sent us a letter to let us know what he’d been up to and Year 1 did a super job of writing him letters back to thank him and ask him about his travels.Our class book this week was Dear Greenpeace and we have been using it to help us learn how to write letters. Reading the book we learned that blue whales can grow up to 30 metres long and went out onto the field with metre sticks in hand to measure just how long this is! 
On Wednesday afternoon we each planted a dwarf bean plant seed and have chosen a sunny spot in the classroom to keep them. We have been watering them carefully daily and hope to observe them growing over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed Year 1!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. Some pictures of our plants and a few more from Superhero day before the break below! 

Welcome Back Year 2


We made the most of the fantastic weather to take our learning outside this week.  We explored the school grounds searching for and identifying twigs and trees and observing the amazing changes that have taken place in a short space time.  The tress and shrubs have transformed throughout this week and Year 2 have been amazed by the changes.

In our Maths lessons we have been learning about comparing numbers and finding the difference between amounts.  We have revised our knowledge of place value and have used partitioning to help us to add and subtract.

In English  we have been working hard to extend and improve our sentences.  We created some wonderful sentences that include nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.  We used “and” and “but” to extend sentences even further.  Well done Year 2.

Daily handwriting lessons have continued and they  are helping us to improve our writing skills and the presentation of our work.

We have continued to develop our comprehension skills. Thank you for working hard to support this at home.



It has been a great start to the Summer term in Year 5. We have revised our understanding of 12 and 24 hour times, place value and formal multiplication methods this week. Looked at persuasive text and considered topics to write persuasive reports for – some very interesting topics were discussed. We also spent time enjoying a range of poems. 

We had a great trip to the woods and explored the characteristics of living things, including observing sensitivity of plants to light.

Well done Year 5  


This week in Reception…


Our focus this week has been Holy Week.

We started by watching a fabulous performance of the Easter story by our friends in Year Five which really brought the story to life for us. Each day we then thought about a different event from Holy Week and now we can’t wait for Easter Sunday. We were able to share our learning in the whole school assembly, as well as, recording it in class in pictures and words.

Have a super break Reception. You have worked very hard and learned lots this term.

Happy Holiday Year 2


Wishing everyone a well deserved, happy and Holy Easter holiday.  Year 2 worked so hard this week.  We explored the events of Holy Week and thought about how we remember the events throughout Holy Week.  We enjoyed learning more about the Last Supper and recognised the words we hear at Mass each Sunday.  Year 5 kick started our Holy Week with a fantastic performance on Monday morning and throughout the week Year 2 were able to reflect on their play and make links to the Gospel stories.  Thank you Year 5 you really brought the Gospel to life for us.

In English this week we spent some time looking at formal and informal writing styles.  We learnt about contractions and the use of an apostrophe.  Year 2 have some tricky spellings to learn over the Easter break.

In our Maths lessons we are becoming really confident when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We can recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We solved some word problems and explained the strategies we used.  We also practised checking our work independently for errors