Museum visit for Year 3


Before half-term Year 3 visited the Stevenage Museum to learn about how the Egyptans lived.

The workshop begins with an exciting story told by the 1920s explorer Amelia Elizabeth Peabody. The children were taken on an imaginary journey down the River Nile and through the desert to the Valley of the Kings, where they discover great treasures in the darkness of a pharaoh’s tomb.

This was followed by a carousel of five hands-on activities, including preparing the dead, Egyptian writing, archaeology, judging the dead and the story of Isis and Osiris. Finally, the children had to solve a puzzle to see if they could enter the Egyptian afterlife!

Year 6 this week 


Another busy week in Year 6! 
In English we have looked at formal letters of complaint and written some very emotive replies to the Department for Education protesting our impending punishment for the closure of the school on the ‘snow days’. Year 6 were very relieved to find out that the sanctions were actually made up and they weren’t going to have to give up any of their weekends! 

In RE we have looked at the stations of the cross and chosen our own images to reflect each stage. 

We enjoyed our trip to Stevenage museum for our Evacuee Workshop. We particularly enjoyed getting into the role of the children in 1940, trying on gas masks, hiding under the tables and trying on the clothes! Our detective skills helped us to find out about the different roles during WW2 through looking at different props and clues. 




Year 5 have had another great week. Completing their narratives – finding Ancient Greek pottery whilst away on holiday, writing and painting Michael and his families departure from Farnham, for a trip around the world and showing their expertise converting mixed numbers and improper fractions.

They used iPads to make short animations explaining the order of Confession and this week we came together as a school to celebrate our Lenten mass.

Book recommendations are a great way to hear the children share their opinions about their favourite books, we’ve had quite a range of books so far.

Costumes are ready and the Easter play is beginning to come together, we hope you enjoy the evening – Tuesday 27 March 7pm.

And the best news – we now have heating in year 5!



A busy week in Nursery


World Book Day last week inspired some brilliant storytelling this week. The children were given a specific book to explore over the week in small groups  and retell the story today to their classmates. Stories were acted out, pictures were drawn and puppets were created to support the retelling and they even rewritten by the children themselves.

The children became authors through use of the iPads to create scenes, characters and objects and then the stories were recorded by the children themselves and played back to their friends. It was great fun!

Outdoor storytelling took the form of creating a space rocket out of some large discarded cardboard boxes and developing a story about zooming to the moon, creating characters, key events and dialogue. It landed back on Earth today to refuel before our adventures next week!