This week in Reception…


What an exciting week!

On Monday, we discovered lots of strange footprints in the garden. We followed them  onto the muddy bank and found a nest with an enormous EGG in it. Lots of discussion followed about what it was – a dragon, a crow, a dinosaur? We carefully moved it inside and monitored it everyday. There was great excitement yesterday when it started to crack and even more when it hatched today. It was a baby dinosaur!

In Literacy, we wrote sentences about what could be in the egg and in Maths we measured and ordered dinosaur bones according to their length. We worked together to create an enormous image of a dinosaur using different techniques and materials to create scales and bumpy skin. It is called Rex the Receptionosaurus.

Can’t wait to continue our dinosaur adventures next week.

Ready for Take Off


Year 2 had a fantastic day at The Imperial War Museum at Duxford.  We are very grateful to Mrs H, Ms M and Mr A our parent volunteers who made the trip possible.  We were really well looked after by the Duxford team and our guide today was amazing.  We learned so much and will be inspired in our follow-up work next week.  The Duxford expert was full of praise for our children’s attention and interest and was really impressed by the knowledge they already have about “Forces and Flight”.

A big thank you from me, to the children who behaved so well and to Mrs S and Mrs H our class Teaching Assistants who always go above and beyond.  Have a great weekend.



This week in Nursery


The rainy weather this week gave us an opportunity to practise and extend our investigative and mathematical skills.

We explored our outdoor area after a shower and discovered several minibeasts that enjoyed the puddles and wet soil. We were inspired by the patterns  we observed to recreate a snail trail using cubes that stretched the length of our indoor learning environment, collaborating and sharing as a team to make it longer. Some of us decided to make repeating patterns using a number of different colour pegs, having observed patterns contained within puddles as the sun shone on the water!

We became detectives in searching for items that were magnetic and non-magnetic, using the correct vocabulary to sort objects that we found. We practised using why and how questions to help us investigate and discovered that items made from metal were magnetic but those made from wood or plastic were non-magnetic.


Great skills shown this week, Nursery!

This week in Reception…


Great weather for ducks…and for Reception class. The heavy rain didn’t stop us from taking our learning outside. Welly boots, coats and mud suits helped keep us dry.

Rain…and traffic…inspired our writing this week. We had lots of sentences about seeing lots of cars stuck in jams, driving through puddles and getting splashed.

Snails, worms and woodlice also liked the rain as we found lots in and around the bug hotel. We counted, recorded and sorted the different creatures we found.

What sort of creatures will be in our garden next week?

This Week in Year Four




This week in Year Four we have been writing our own warning stories based on The Caravan by Pie Corbett. We’ve also been learning to find different durations of time, as well as learning about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and beginning our learning about Rainforests. Looking forward to reading some more of your lovely writing next week Year Four!