Year One’s Week 


Year One learned about the story of Noah and the Ark this afternoon and painted pictures of rainbows in Discover and Do time as a reminder of the promise of love and care God made to Noah. 

We have continued our Science learning this week learning about animals and thinking about what makes them different. We learned that we can group animals into five different groups – mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. 

We have been learning how to count backwards to subtract this week and learned how to record subtraction number sentences with a subtraction sign. Well done for a super week Year One and enjoy your well deserved break! 

Year 6


This week in Year 6 we have had a look at texts by Phillip Pullman. We wrote the next part of the story to ‘Clockwork’, trying to predict what would happen next. We also practised using our expanded noun phrases to create a picture in the reader’s mind. In maths we have been focussing on problem solving using efficient methods of calculations and checking our answers using the inverse. 

In History we have started some sketching based on the Dunkirk rescue. We had lots fun creating a Lego re-enactment using I-motion picture on the iPads. 
Well done for working so hard this half term-a super start to Year 6! 

Enjoy your half term and come back refreshed ready for hard work. 


Our Week in Year Two


Year 2 completed a really busy half term with a week of super work.  We continued to work hard as individuals and in our teams.  We enjoyed solving problems with money, the 100 square and thinking about what the question could be when we had the answer!  Great thinking Year 2.

Learning about Emperor Penguins was really fun and exciting and we wrote some excellent reports using our research.  Well done for writing in paragraphs.

The classroom has some beautiful new artwork on display.  Inspired by Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” we painted sections of the painting using our colour mixing techniques.  The result is stunning Year 2.  We also explored the use of pastels and produced some really vibrant colours.

It was wonderful to meet with the Year 2 parents this week.  I know that we are all so proud of how the children have settled into this important school year.  Have a fabulous, well deserved break!


Youth Leadership Team


IMG_2516The newly elected Youth Leadership Team held their first meeting this week.  We organised ourselves into teams.  FUNDRAISING, LEARNING and ENVIRONMENT.

Our next meeting is on Monday 30th November.  Check out our display board in the hall to see who your class representatives are and the team which we belong to.  If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like us to discuss at our next meeting please share them with us.  We are proudly wearing our badges so speak to us whenever you can!


This week in Nursery


Following our RE theme this half term of God’s Wonderful World, we have enjoyed investigating the changing season of Autumn and preparing for winter.

After collecting a variety of natural treasures from our walk down the Wiggly Path, we explored texture and colour and researched how to take care of those creatures who go to sleep for the winter, or hibernate. Armed with this knowledge and resources, we chopped fruit and made some bird feeders and also planned and constructed our very own Hedgehog House within our outdoor area. Now, we just need to wait and see if we have a little visitor snuggle down in there for the winter!

We also enjoyed two special highlights this week: firstly, being invited to attend our very first

Harvest Mass with the rest of the school. We really enjoyed the beautiful singing and seeing lots of our siblings and friends in older classes. Secondly, a huge thank you to our wonderful parents and grandparents who joined us for Busy Fingers on Friday. We had fun showing you some of the activities we enjoy  each morning as we are strengthening our fine motor skills and in this way are getting ready to write!



We started our week with a special visit to St. Hilda’s Church where we sang this hymn in the presence of the relic – a very special morning.

The whole week has involved a mix of collaboration, individual learning opportunities and sharing completed tasks. I wish I had recorded the amazing ‘I love to boogie’ dances!


I am looking forward to sharing lots of positive learning with you at parents night next week.

This week in Reception…


A wonderful end to the week with lots of visitors to our Busy fingers open session. Twisting nuts and bolts, threading autumn leaves, manipulating elastic bands, mark making, matching objects to quantities, as well as, plenty of counting, measuring and mark making – no wonder it is called BUSY fingers!

We have also managed to fit in learning about ‘Park and Stride’ by tallying how people get to school. We joined in the wonderful harvest mass singing the songs we had been practising in class. Our new phonemes are m, d, g, o…how many words can you build now?

Enjoy your weekend Reception. We have another busy week of learning ahead…we will be thinking about Diwali.

Our week in Year 1


We have read a new story called The Cloudspotter in Year 1 this week. The children collaborated with a partner to create a story map of the story, practising how to take it in turns to share their ideas and make their story map together. We have continued our Picasso learning and learned that one day Picasso decided to change the way he painted people, rather than painting them the way they looked…and then had a go ourselves! We have also learned some new ways of making some sounds we already know in Phonics this week – wh,ph, aw and ue. Well done Year 1!