Mental Health and Well-being


As part of our ‘friendship week’ we receive lots of information about supporting our children’s mental health.

I (Mrs Schofield) have been meeting with parents, sometimes sharing information in a group and sometimes one to one, to talk about strengthening positive mental health and improving our well-being. We are all aware there is a lot going on. Please feel you can contact me and have a chat to talk about what we might be able to offer for support, or to learn about what is already in place to look our after our children.

Here are some resources which have come to help direct us and parents to any services which could help if you are feeling worried or would like to talk to someone.

I can be contacted through the office and work part time.

Take care and keep finding the things that make you happy.

Mrs Schofield -SENCO and Mental Health Lead

This week in Year 1


This week Year 1 have been reading Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy and have created story maps to help retell the story to one another. The children noticed that the names of the members of the family in the story had a capital letter at the beginning and had a go at using capital letters to write the names of the members of their own families.

In their maths lessons this week the children have been learning to regroup numbers, splitting them up into smaller parts and recording the groups using a part-whole model.

The children learned about the artist Bridget Riley in their art lesson this week and created a collaborative art work using horizontal, vertical, diagonal, wavy and cross-hatched lines.

This week in Reception…


Our learning was based on a super book called ‘It’s okay to be different’ by Todd Parr.

It linked really well with our RE learning as we were thinking about how God made each one of very special. We all used a black pen and drew a self portrait on white paper. It was amazing how each one was so different even when we’d used the same resources.

We have been developing our speaking and listening skills by sharing books with our friends and our teachers. We have also been spotting tricky words in our books and around the room. We used the tricky word wall when we were recording what we like in our diaries.

Remember to wrap up with lots of layers next week as the windows and doors will be open to keep us safe. Have a good rest ready for lots more learning next week.

Year Two’s Busy Week


A really busy week in Year 2. We really enjoyed the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We know this traditional tale really well and were able to retell it in dramatic style. The children made puppets and acted the story out. We wrote our own book versions of the story and I was really impressed by the content and quality of the work. So much so that Year 2 earned an assembly “Shout out” from Miss Puccio on Thursday,

We were learning about verbs this week and what happens to them in the past tense. We discovered the joy of crossword puzzles this week and also completed some interesting number puzzles, addition and subtraction grids.

In Maths we are continuing to work on our addition and subtraction fluency to 20 and have been partitioning 2 digit numbers into 10s and 1s. We are becoming very good at being number detectives and following clues to find missing numbers.

We completed our study of the life of Moses and how God chose Moses to look after his people. We reflected on how God looked after Moses.

Well done for all the hard work at school this week year 2. It really is great to be back together. We even managed to have some “Golden Time” this week. Please remember to read a little at home each day and to have your book in school every day, Have a great weekend.