Year 1’s week 


Year 1 continued their learning about their bodies this week and learned about the five senses in Science. We thought about how our families are different and special and about the special things they do for us in R. E. and have been reading a story called Knuffle Bunny about a little girl called Trixie and her family in our English lessons. Unfortunately no photos this week as Ms. Coleman has been away on a First Aid Course! 

Thank you also to everyone who came to the ‘Meet the Teacher’ session on Tuesday. It was lovely to meet and chat to you all properly! Have a super weekend Year 1!

Year Two Teamwork


It was great to meet so many of you at “Meet the Teacher” this week.   It has been another busy week in Year 2.  Well done everyone you are now very settled into our routines and are working very hard. The children are working together really well and are supporting each other in their teams.

In our Maths this week we have been securing fluency to twenty.  We have been learning to work systematically when working with a set of digits and adding 3 one-digit numbers together.  The children love their Maths lessons and are confidently applying their knowledge of mental  methods.

We are continuing to base much of our English work on “The Owl who was afraid of the Dark”;  we described Plop using alliteration, wrote advice about the dark and wrote some speech using speech marks correctly.  Impressive work Year 2.

We practised colour mixing techniques when painting and Year 2 are now able to set up the painting table independently. We began some collage owls using natural materials.

In RE we enjoyed learning the story of Daniel in the Lions Den.



This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four we have been busy learning about the founding of Rome by making our own cartoon strips to show the story of Romulus and Remus.

In RE we have been learning about people in the Old Testament, and how they responded to God’s call. This week we learned about Moses and the Burning Bush.

In English we have begun learning about the features of Myths. We really enjoyed reading Theseus and the Minotaur. Some children in class thought the Minotaur was a little misunderstood!

In Maths we have been using our knowledge of place value and number facts.

In Art we have been drawing our faces and looking at how shape and line is used to communicate different emotions.

 A great week as usual Year Four – well done!



This week in Nursery


The children are now settling into new routines, developing friendships with their peers and beginning to feel familiar with their learning environment.

This week we have been developing listening skills in our small group Phonics activities by differentiating between sounds around us, everyday familiar sounds and recalling farm animal sounds. Sometimes this is very tricky, but we have been learning how to concentrate and improve our listening.

We have also extended our exploration of colour by/: mixing and learning how we can make new colours; sorting and matching and finding colour all around us.

This week in Reception…


This week we have been learning about the sounds that s a and t make and blending them together to make different words. We have also been practising our mark making skills using chalk or sticks in the sand in our garden. We have been counting the conkers on our small world tray…we got up to 38…and using our mini me pictures to create a class numberline. How many children were in class today?

It is amazing how useful a drain pipe can be! Reception discovered that some cars fit and some cars don’t fit down the pipe. Some children were investigating what happens to sound when it travels down a pipe…even whispered messages could be heard. If anyone has old, clean, drain pipes or plumbing bits going spare, please let Mrs Cooper know. Thank you.

Reception you have been amazing this week. You have remembered what to do, where to go and how to tidy up. Have a good rest ready for another busy week of learning.


Year 6 this week 


Year 6 had an exciting time at crucial crew this week, learning how to keep themselves safe in different situations. In English we have looked at using the text to justify our opinions, including a character profile and predicting an ending for “War Horse”. I wonder if any of our predictions were right? 

We have focused on ordering decimals this week and completed our first maths assessments. Well done everyone for trying your best-a great first attempt! 

In RE we have looked at who is invited to the Kingdom of God and what it takes to be committed to this invitation. 

Our Youth Leadership Team elections have taken place…the results will be announced in assembly very soon! 

Remember to complete your Park and Stride posters for Monday! 




This week we have really focused on taking responsibility for our own learning, realising the difference between talk for learning and chatting, getting really absorbed in our tasks and collaborating to improve our understanding – it’s been a busy week!

We compared the Hindu story of creation with the accounts we have read in Genesis, finding similarities and differences. In English we focused on developing sentence structure and using speech. More shared reading of Krindlekrax, we are really getting to know the characters now.

In maths, we are realising how important it is to be confident in naming place value, especially when we multiply or divide by 10. Using decimal counters really helped our understanding this week. 

More amazing flapjack combinations, we hope you are enjoying these tasty treats!

We know the characteristics of living things and shared our ideas working in teams to create posters.

Finally, look no further if you don’t like spiders, we went on a spider hunt along the Wiggly Path!