This week in year 3…


Another very busy week for Year 3!

In English we have been focusing on recounts and have been writing from other characters points of view. Our writing has included a wonderful range of adverbs and conjunctions to add extra detail for our reader. We have also used role play to help inspire us with our planning and writing.

In maths, we have been finding angles in objects around the classroom and in shapes. We have learnt about how angles are either acute, obtuse or right angles.

Our maths work links with our art work. We have been focusing on finding different shapes within everyday objects as well as within art. We also thought about how the angles of the shapes can change the piece of art.

In science, we are continuing to focus on animal and human diets. We have thought about healthy lifestyle choices and making swaps in our diet.

Keep up the hard work year 3!

Year 2 Authors


A really productive week in Year 2 this week.  We started  the week by writing some amazing stories set deep in the ocean and continued to use the laptops to word process and print them out.  This required patience and resilience.  Well done Year 2.

We have been thinking about what it means to express an opinion.  We used the Mog stories by Judith Kerr as inspiration and thought about our opinion of Mog.  We recognised that we need to justify our opinions with evidence from the text.  We produced some beautiful handwritten pieces that were so good Mrs. B. had to display them all!  Photographs to follow!

This week in Reception…


Our story has been the Three Little Pigs again. We have been wondering how big the sticks were that the pigs used so we spent lots of time comparing the different lengths of sticks and measuring them. We also recorded how many cubes or cones we had measured with.

Our segmenting and blending skills were used when we sequenced the story and wrote our own sentences. We worked so hard we showed our work to Miss Puccio.

Outside the damp weather didn’t stop our learning. We explored the fire station role play area and created some amazing narratives around our role play.

Next week, we will be finding out about Chinese New Year which starts tomorrow. Look out for the celebrations reported in the news.

This week in Nursery


Our learning has centred around our book of the week, Rapunzel.

 We have been developing our  measuring and comparing skills and practising mathematical words to describe length such as short, longer and longest. Towers have been constructed for Rapunzel and have been used to explore 3D shapes, describing how many faces, edges and corners each has. We have also been developing our storytelling skills, recalling main events, characters and sequence of the story. Finally, our investigations have focussed on exploring a variety of textures and experimenting what happens when we add different materials and liquids.

Thank you to our wonderful parents for ensuring your child has their Reading Record with them each day and for providing them with an item for Show and a Tell each Friday. The children really do gain so much from this, developing their communication and language skills and consolidating their phonic knowledge. It always surprises me how inventive families are, with ‘alexa’ and ‘agave syrup’  being  just two of today’s items!

This week in Nursery…


In Phonics we have been using our listening skills to practise orally segmenting words eg c-a-t and blending them together …cat! We had fun creating alliterative descriptions  of objects in our classroom eg bouncy ball and finding the odd one out from a group of rhyming cards. Today we enjoyed talking about our objects we’d brought in from home starting with the phoneme S. We asked each other questions and Mrs Hurley was very impressed with how we took turns to speak and listen to each other.

In Maths we have been recording our counting, recognising non-sequential numbers and matching quantity to numbers. Finally, in RE we are exploring our new topic of the Holy Family and listened to the story of Jesus being lost in the temple, discussing maturely how Mary and Joseph would have felt when they couldn’t find him.

Have a lovely weekend, Nursery.

This week in Reception…part two.


Amazing perseverance and resilience shown by Reception when getting changed into, and from, their PE kits. Buttons done up, jumpers and shirts turned the right way round and shoes on the right feet. Well done everyone.

What would really help us is if our names were on all of our clothes. Lots of us have shirts, trousers and skirts from the same shops and sized age 4 to 5. So grown ups, please would you help us to get even better at getting changed by checking our clothes have our names in. Thank you.


This week in Reception…part one.


This week, we discovered there is maths everywhere. We named the 3D shapes when we were building, we found different ways to record our calculations, we counted coins as part of our shopping role play, we discovered ways to measure the longest and shortest shoots growing in the planters…to name a few.

Our story focus this week is the three little pigs. We thought carefully about which materials we might use to build the houses instead of straw, wood or sticks – the sillier the better. Some ideas on our lists were jam, whales, tomatoes and even pop bottles. We worked hard on segmenting the words to spell them.

In RE, we retold the story of Jesus getting lost in the temple and imaged how the different characters in the story would feel about Jesus being in his Father’s house.

Who can remember what our visitor talked to us about? Looking after our teeth! Tell your families all about it. Why not bring in your brushing teeth chart when you have completed it?

Have a good rest everybody.