This week in Year 1…


We continued our Design Technology learning this week and learned how to make levers and wheel mechanisms. Our levers sent Jack up and down the beanstalk and our wheels made the wolf creep closer and closer to Little Red Riding Hood. These were tricky skills to master but the children worked fabulously with their learning partners to support one another with their learning. 

We have been learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff story this week and will have a go at writing our own versions of the story next week. During our R.E. lessons we heard the story of Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus at the temple and have been practising our hockey skills in P.E. Another super week Year 1! Well done! 

This week in Nursery


..we have enjoyed retelling our favourite fairy stories by making our own storybooks, by telling a friend the story and by acting it out in front of an audience. We are now beginning to create our own stories through mark making and recording via iPads.

In Phonics we have practised recognising the sound of rhyming words and have created our own when continuing a rhyming string. We have also started to practise aural recognition of the initial sound in words. Our Maths focus groups have concentrated on consolidation of matching number and quantity and beginning to record numerals.  Finally, in RE we used our creative skills to act out the story of when Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple.

have a great weekend, Nursery!

This week in Nursery…


Our learning  has centred around the children’s interest in storybooks and continued  our look at fairy tales. We have made porridge for the Three Bears, making sure we knew which size bowl belonged to each bear and observing what happened to the texture of oats as milk was added and the mixture heated. We even enjoyed some for our snack, it was delicious!

We have had great fun retelling our favourite tales, by speaking, mark making our own storybooks and acting out the stories. This morning we were treated to a performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, complete with theatre seating for the audience and costumes for the show!

Our Phonics learning has focussed on hearing rhyming words and continuing rhyming strings, alliteration and aural recognition of initial sounds in words and blending segmented short words. In Maths we are consolidating our skills in matching number and quantity, recognition of numerals and are beginning to record our counting by writing numerals. Finally, in RE we learnt about when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple as a baby and decided to act out the story to help us remember.


your weekend Nursery!



This Week in Year Four


This week in Year Four…..

English – We practised using adverbial phrases and thought about how we might use them when retelling an episode from a story.

Maths- We practised finding fractions of amounts and using this knowledge to solve problems.

Science- We had great fun making models of the main parts of the human digestive system, including some rather interesting looking stomach contents!

RE- We read the story of Jesus in the Temple, and wrote questions about our own futures and questions that Mary might have asked about Jesus’ future.

Art- We began our topic on Mountains by looking at some of Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mount Fuji and exploring the use of colour and line.

Have a great weekend Year Four and I look forward to to seeing you on Monday!


Exploring Absorbency in Year 2


Year 2 carried out some fascinating investigations this week.  We were finding out which paper was most effective when clearing up puddles of water. We used different types of paper and observed what happened when we dropped water on them using a pipette.

In our Maths lessons this week we have been using unmarked number lines and partitioning to help us to solve addition and subtractions involving 2 and 3 2-digit numbers.

In English we listened to some fantasy stories and wrote some brilliant character sketches of fantastical characters using ambitious adjectives.

In RE we listened to the story of The Ten Lepers and thought about why it is important to remember to say “Thank You” to God.


Everyone is remembering to change into their plimsolls every day!  Well done Year 2 have a great weekend.


This week in Reception…


Our learning has continued with a cold theme as our book this week was ‘The Snowy Day’ by Ezra Jack Keats. We started by sharing the story and then talking about what we would do in the snow. We decided to write down our ideas in sentences using some of our new tricky words – me, we , he, she.

In the story, the snow melts when Peter takes it inside. We decided to investigate what made snow (ice) melt the quickest. We placed some ice on the snack table, outside in the shade, on the radiator, wrapped it in a blanket and put some in hot water. Which do you think helped the ice melt the quickest? We also put salt on the ice which make it ‘pop’ and ‘crackle’ when we listened carefully.

The Penguins made an appearance in Maths this week as we investigated which was the heaviest penguin. First, we estimated which one we thought was the heaviest and then we used the balance scales to measure. We were surprised to find that the tallest penguin was not the heaviest one.

In RE, We have been learning about when Jesus was a little boy. We learned a beautiful song reminding us that “When Jesus was a little boy, he lived in Galilee. He climbed the hills and played with friends and laughed like you and me.”


A hard working week in Year 6


A very busy week in Year 6! 
We have worked extremely hard to complete some SATS papers this week. I have been very impressed with your focus and determination. Keep up the good work! 
In History we completed our work about the Blitz and found out some very interesting facts. In RE we have looked at how we live out the New Commandment and how the Penitential Act allows us to say sorry for our thoughts, words and actions. 
Have a restful weekend! 




Another busy week for Year 5, we got involved with the BBC Radio 2 500 word writing competition, take a look at the following website for more information, some children have begun writing already.

  More exciting investigations with solids, liquids and gasses…
  The Ancient Greeks topic has certainly captured the imagination and creativity of the class, I’m looking forward to reading how your hero and mythical creature complete their quest.IMG_8218IMG_8219

We are learning to use excel, this week we make temperature line graphs and 50 club score bar charts.FullSizeRenderIMG_8200

Thank you for supporting our Go 5 healthy living project.

Finally it was exciting to meet the new member of the school community and congratulations to Julia and her family.




We all enjoyed our final session today. Thank you to the Stevenage Sporting Futures team for making the activities engaging and informative.

We a such a fortunate community that many of you were able to join us this afternoon and many of you have also supported the work we have done, visiting the websites and using the apps suggested.