What a wonderful range of topics we have been treated to….

The Google Nexus 7



What a fantastic advertisement for the product, is there anything you didn’t know???


The Solar System

liYou amazed us with your knowledge and enthusiasm – a future astronomer?


Kick Boxing


What a lot of training and hard work in this sport – I am pleased you didn’t demonstrate on me!

Two Musical Artists



A great example of comparing and contrasting two musical artists, what a lot of information you gave us!

Super Cars


We really enjoyed this because

  • you had done lots of research
  • We loved the topic
  • We liked the mix of photos and text
  • You spoke clearly and slowly
  • You answered our questions well


Mobius Strips



We were fascinated because:

  • It was interesting
  • You explained everything really well
  • We liked your demonstrations
  • We liked the topic
  • You showed confidence

Each presentation has been unique and thought-provoking, well done everyone for the great effort you have put into them – can’t wait for next week!




Hedgehog Houses by Year 6!

When we made our hedgehog house, we didn’t think it through as much as we should have. It didn’t go to plan so we were rhinos and we tried again.


It was very wobbly and would not pass a building inspection!

hgeWith our new bricks we changed the whole style of the house so it would not be wobbly at all!

hgerThis is what it looked like once we had changed the style and the bricks, safer, sturdier and stronger!

hgwWe chose this spot as it is near a fence has plenty of leaves and sticks leaves for bugs to be nutrients for the hedgehog. Leaves and sticks to help it be a hidden habitat, to help the hedgehog survive. As you can see it was quite messy so we had to clean it up a bit.

HEDG1To add a little bit of decoration we planted daffodil bulbs in the plastic pot, this will look great in the springtime, they also provide food for the hedgehog. We also added some entrance tiles so it can get in and out easily, We placed logs and leaves on top of the structure to make it camouflaged so no predators can see the house. We think it is FABULOUS!!


image   Nursery have been busy practicing their dances, they were superb!

image   Wow, these are fantastic drawings of the Wise Men. They gave each other good ideas for the pictures.

image Nursery are not the only busy people in school today. Year 1 have made beautiful Christmas lanterns, you can see these at the Christmas Fair tonight.


Year 2 thinking about their friends and families.

BY Hattie Y6

Bridgebuilders assembly – MOSES!

It was great to welcome Alex and her new friend the Rev Kate to assembly this afternoon. Our wonderful Bridgebuilder friends shared a lively assembly with us exploring the great Old Testament story of Moses.

There were many props such as frogs, bugs and boils in Petri dishes! We were all encouraged to think about the small steps in life that we can take and how sometimes this requires courage and the knowledge that God is always with us. What relief for each and every one of us; at difficult times I always quote Julian of Norwich “all will be well” and certainly with the realisation of ‘God with us’ every time this is always the case. As I kept reminding the children last week during LIFT activities, God has a plan for each of us and one day we will understand it but for now we must just get on with it, assured of His help.

It was wonderful to see the children so engaged with active works of charity today.

Cake sales during and after school raised an amazing £220 today which will deliver much needed relief and comfort to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines who remain at the heart of our prayers in school each day.


If you enjoyed the assembly today, Launchpad, a Christian youth group, run by our friends at Bridgebuilders , could be a great activity to join for children in Year 3 and above. More details are available at Postcards detailing the club are available from the shelf at the main office window – just take a look!



Last week we dismantled our old bug hotel and started to rebuild it again. We saved all the natural materials and cleared the area. Everyone had a great time helping, we had to work together to avoid the soggy ground as it was very muddy outside.


As we were dismantiling the bug hotel we made two piles one was for the things that we could use again and the other pile was for the rubbish.



During the time that we were building the bug hotel we explored under the old bug hotel and the slabs, we found some tunnels, everyone was really excited. We started to think what was making  the tunnels underneath the slabs. We thought that there were Field Voles or Moles, as we have found evidence of both in our grounds.

We found this useful when we were identifying them.


bh16 bh17

We had collected lots of resources form the woods and brought things in from home, we used these natural materials to build lots of mini-habitats.



We were in groups to help build the bug hotel, or stuff bottles with rotting wood, twigs, and leafs, making mini-habitats in plastic bottles.


These sighs are to tell people what is on each layer of the bug hotel and how it helps different living things, we researched this in class.


These signs are to tell everyone what bugs like and to tell others about what they might see in this area.



Some people helped by placing the things that people brought in onto the bug hotel.


Sometimes you can find questions on the signs that you might be able to answer.



And here is the finished Bug hotel. We are going to put a shallow planter on the top that we have put seed balls for meadow flowers in to attract pollinators.

Great Fun, we LOVED building our Bug Hotel.

All we need now is a name Bugingham Palace perhaps? Do you have a better one? Put your ideas in the ‘Name That Bug Hotel’ Box in the library, or post a comment here.

G & G Year 6