Yr1 Compost Presentation

Today Me (d) c n and r performed a presentation the year1 class about compost.  It was really great to be able to work with another class about the great outdoor resources we have and composting.


We played a quiz game where the year 1 children had to decide whether certain things such as horse poo, dog poo, banana, apple, meat and grass should be composted or thrown away in the regular bin.  Year 1 were really clever and successfully managed to achieve 5/5 and win Greg the compost monster which they put by there bin to remind them to compost their fruit at snack time.




Today Ben, Caitlin, Ella and William showed all the nursery children how important composting is. first we showed a power point the a poster telling you why you shouldn’t put some things in compost bins then we played a game that explained our presentation – What to put in the compost bin and what not to put in it.

We really enjoyed finding out about composting and getting all our resources together, it went well because the children were very good and really enjoyed our game. We all worked together as a team.





This morning five children from year 6 went down to reception and did a presentation. These five children were Grace K, Rian, Sebastian, Sherwin and Sebastine. The basic idea was to try to teach the receptions how to compost. All the reception children were really involved and seemed to enjoy it.

image image image

The year 6 children had to research the information and then present it. One of the things they did was invent and play a little game. The game was that they had two boxes one a wheelie bin and the other a composting bin, the idea of the game was that the receptions had to post the images into the right boxes. The children were very good at drawing and put their pictures into the right bins, composting, recycling or waste.


I was inspired by school to make my own bug hotel at home .


Although it was pouring down with rain we were determined to give those bugs a hotel! since I built it I have noticed a big difference in birds, there are almost always birds flying around.

Here is my sister by our Bug Hotel.


By Hattie

Help us to compost

Today we presented a talk to the children in Year 3 about composting. We learnt about composting, researched information and chose ways to present to the class. Dylan, Hattie and Grace created a PowerPoint, Christopher made and ideas box and Jacob and Dylan created a composting game. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did !



It’s good to see that they’re all interested in composting.


Assembly 23rd January 2014 – Fishers of Men!

What a fantastic start to assembly today – a real sense of focus as the children listened to a lively musical version of this week’s gospel passage – “go and be fishers of men”! Year one made the best entrance – fantastic!

Some were intrigued at the fish-tank focus at the front. So what was it all about today?

We began by remembering, Mr Flanagan, the first headteacher of our school back in 1965; Mrs Briscoe one of his first pupils, was representing the whole community at his funeral in Hastings today. In the picture below you can see Father Straub in the middle, Mr Flanagan on the right and the president of Chile on the left – a very select gathering in our school! We dedicated all of our prayers today to Mr Flanagan’s family.


We listened to this Week’s Gospel, read for us beautifully by Ben from The Wednesday Word. Have you shared your copy yet?


I was impressed with the singing of ‘Follow me, follow me …” which we hadn’t sung for such a long time – well done! It was great to hear reception children trying to join in with the chorus.

We then thought about how Jesus spoke to his fisherman friends and used what they knew (fishing) to help them understand what he wanted the to do – to fish no longer for fish but for people to be his disciples.


A friend in Year 1 helped two of the Chaplaincy Team to catch fish from our pond!

The fish helped us understand the things that we could do to be modern day disciples for Jesus.


8 fish for us to catch and 8 special things to think about – can you remember what they were?

We stuck the fish onto the fish-tank which represented our community – the places that we, the new disciples, spend our time – home, school, church, clubs … anywhere we are in fact.


…. And now it is time for us to be those active disciples in the world!

Before we finished I set an EXTRA CHALLENGE for everyone in two parts:

(1) What secret symbol did the early Christians use to show that they were followers of Jesus, Christians?

(2) What is it called and what does it mean?

Jot down your answer(s) with your name on and leave it at the office for me – I’ll be rewarding with stickers for quick and carefully considered responses!

We left assembly listening to an instrumental piece of music called “Galilee” and imagined Jesus fishing for his first disciples.

Special thanks to William and Ugo (Year 6 Chaplaincy Team members) for helping me set up assembly today – well done – you are doing a great job!