Exploring sound!

Nursery children were busily exploring sounds today. We had a variety of resources and chose what shapes would make our individual instruments, then added strings, lentils, beads and even bubble wrap before heading to our outdoor stage to perform with our unique sound makers!image


Assembly – Thursday 27th March 2014

I had to ask everyone to forgive me as I’ve broken my Lenten sacrifice promise. Yep … On Tuesday I was tempted (and caught!) having eaten three packets of crisps!

The children were shocked but I had to be honest … and the consequences … well double the money in my CCSW box and I’ve asked the children to keep checking that I’m on track! We all make mistakes but the important thing is not giving up – there’s still time to make a difference!




   We had learnt about the baptism of Jesus in R.E and had to do a drawing of it with a phrase and important words from the bible .

I enjoyed this because I found things out for myself and I researched some images from the internet to help me draw a good image. I found the dove quite hard to draw but I am pleased with the finished image.

B year 5