Yesterday two great teams represented the school at John Henry Newman for the Stevenage Schools netball tournament. Non-stop matches for both teams playing all other Stevenage Schools. Fantastic determination, focus and team spirit, well done everyone you represented your school brilliantly.


A quick warm-up

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Unfortunately Rhianna who played centre is missing from this photo as she attended a meeting.

Following the league results team A waited to hear if they had made the final…



A really tough final, which could have gone either way… Congratulations went to St.Nicholas with a 2-1 victory.

A huge well done to all our superb players and a big thank you to your parents for supporting you all too, what a great atmosphere!





We looked at a piece of art by Norman Rockwell, painted in 1961, generating questions about modern and conventional art.

What did the art connoisseur think of the modern art that was being produced in 1961?

What is art?

Who is it for?

Then we created our own.

image image image image image

What did these art connoisseurs think of the art piece they were looking at?Can you identify the connoisseur in each of these?

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No points for guessing the artist of this one…image

If you want to find out more about the artist have a look here -


Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony Camp

What a fantastic day! Year 3 you should sleep well tonight.



After having our faces painted as a welcome into the tribe , we set to our first task of the day, weaving. Lots of concentration and super team work.



We then ground the wheat grains to make flour to make bread. A sticky business.


We went to the herb garden to find out about the different plants used in Celtic times. Having made bracelets we then got to put them in the dye made from plants.

after a well earned lunch we played a super trading game to test our maths skills and finally spent on money using Celtic coins.

Well done Year 3 you worked hard and had fun. As one child stated on the coach returning to school ” I had a great time. I learnt so much and I love learning.”

Assembly 1st day back after Easter

We don’t usually get together as a whole school on Thursday but Mr White couldn’t wait to Thursday to sing an alleluia!

Can you remember what alleluia means, coming from two Hebrew words?

Miss Holder led us in an ‘alleluia sandwich’ before we listened to the Easter Sunday Gospel from St John.

We then noticed that our Easter garden was based upon the Gospel passage that we had just listened to. What symbols can you see in it?


We talked about the symbolism of the Easter or Paschal candle: the alpha and omega; the five wounds of Christ; and the fact hat it reminds us that Jesus’ light has come into the world.


This reminded us that we had been preparing throughout Lent to be the best person we could possibly be and that now we had reached Easter that this had to continue so that we could be Jesus’ bright lights in the world.


Busy last week of term in year 3

image image       Mini Olympics kept us very fit on Monday.image We continued our activities on Tuesday with our sponsored dance, ball bouncing and skipping as part of our Lenten fundraising. image


Today, we walked to Stevenage Museum to meet a Roman. We had fun exploring different activities. Our Roman was also impressed with how much we already knew about the Romans. We’ll done Year 3!