Year 5 have had 3 excellent trips to our local woodlands this half term. Identifying trees, observing the bluebells and collecting suitable wood for the beetle shelters.

These wonderful learning opportunities could not take place without the help and commitment of our parents. Thank you for joining us we really appreciate you giving up your time to help us.

Building and digging will begin on the new beetle shelter after the half term break.

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Year 6 Theme Park Maths!

Year 6 are in the process of building their own theme parks, they have £500,000 to spend on attractions, shops,facilities and various other things, once they have completed their theme parks they will move onto looking at profit and loss accounts. The children have to be careful that they don’t overspend otherwise they will be fined!! 









Year Four Time Travellers

Year Four had a fantastic time at Knebworth house today!


Learning about the Tudor kings and queens and their relationship with the Lytton family of Knebworth


Learning the Pavane!


Preparing for a royal visit from Queen Elizabeth I


Can you spot us in the maze?

We really enjoyed our day and learned a lot!

Everyone went to a lot of trouble with their brilliant costumes-thank you and well done!

Assembly 8th May 2014

We began assembly by singing ‘Because The Lord is my shepherd’ – what a beautiful tune!

Our ‘alleluia sandwich’ joyfully greeted this weekend’s Gospel based on the Good Shepherd’ (John 10: 1- 10)


We dressed Dylan up as a shepherd – as a shepherd on Jesus’ day could be about the same age. We considered all that the shepherd needed to do and thought about how he would use his crook to protect the sheep; even laying down his life for the sheep if need be.

We thought about how Jesus did many of the shepherd’s jobs for his flock of followers, even laying down his life for us.

We then thought about our visit from Bishop John last term and remembered that he had a ‘crook’ called a crozier and has the job of looking after the Hertfordshire flock of believers!

We saw a picture of Pope Francis who told the Bishops and Priests to “smell like the sheep” – getting to know the flock by being with them!


We prayed for Bishop John and Pope Francis and agreed to pray for all vocations at the weekend.

Who will you be keeping in your prayers this weekend?

We then decided that the followers of Jesus didn’t need to be super-heroes; we just have to be ready to follow. This prompted us to sing one of our favourite action songs!

Remember to share the Wednesday Word this weekend and pray for vocations.

“The voice of Jesus is unmistakable! He guides us along the path of life.” Pope Francis.