Year 6 Bishops Cup

Thank you to Our Lady Catholic School in Hitchin for hosting the annual Bishops Cup football and netball tournament today.

image The girls were off to a flying start winning 3 – 0.  Their second game saw a final winning score of 15 – 1.image Final game was an 8 – 0 win, fantastic netball played today girls, well done.image


How nice to be the overall winners, great to bring the shield home again.         image


The boys had some tough games to play and after much effort and some great goal attempts they came joint 3rd. image

Team chat with Mr Krogh. image



image Some excellent football played today and a great opportunity to meet new friends from the JHN feeder schools.

Stevenage Speaks

Three children from Year 6 attended a public speaking competition yesterday which was held at the University of Hertfordshire. Well done to our three representatives, they spoke incredibly well about their chosen subject – should children have mobile phones in school?

image image image image

Young Enterprise – Year 6

Year 6 took part in Young Enterprise today, their sessions were all about Our World.



They spent some time looking at countries that export and import, they had to work together to make a puzzle and then trade pieces with other groups to complete their country.


After break they played a trading game, they had to work as a country to make shapes that they could sell to the bank. Each table had different amounts of resources and money to start with, it depended on the wealth of their country. There were given the opportunity to buy resources to help make the shapes and they could also get a loan from the bank. It was quite difficult as the bank changed the amount each shape could be sold for. Well done to USA for winning the game!


IMG_0755 IMG_0758 IMG_0762 IMG_0760

After lunch the children had to create a new product to sell in an imaginary world that they lived in, they had to make sure their product matched the lifestyle and certain laws in their world and then present their product to the rest of the class.

IMG_0772 IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0778

Many thanks to Grace for leading and running the sessions, we enjoyed every minute!!

Corpus Christi Procession – 19th June 2014

Thank you for sharing a beautiful Corpus Christi Procession with us today. Like our ancestors, the whole school gathered today with friends, family, governors, staff and representatives of the Diocese of Westminster to give thanks to God for the gift of Jesus shown fully to us today in the Blessed Sacrament. DSC02763

The Altars are all ready, decorated with flowers from home. DSC02764

The children are waiting in anticipation of a very special event that they have been preparing for


Even Nursery are patiently waiting!


Parents, friends, governors, parishioners and 2 special guests from the Diocese of Westminster Education Department, Michael Corcoran and Stephen Horseman, have joined with us to celebrateDSC02769

DSC02770 DSC02771

We are all ready to sing!

DSC02772 DSC02774

Father Michael arrives in procession with the monstrance and the Blessed Sacrament.DSC02775 DSC02776

Our First Communicants from Year 3 lead the procession.DSC02777

We gather around each Altar


We genuflect and say our prayers


And then we move on to the next Altar


Every class has the chance to lead to their own AltarDSC02786 DSC02787

Parents and guests follow the Blessed SacramentDSC02788 DSC02791

Well done to our fantastic Altar Servers todayDSC02792 DSC02793 DSC02794 DSC02796 DSC02797

Thank you for joining with us in prayer

DSC02798 DSC02799 DSC02801 DSC02802

Our path to the final Altar

DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02806 DSC02807 DSC02808

Divine praises and Benediction

DSC02809 DSC02810 DSC02811

Year 3 communicants escort the Blessed Sacrament back insideDSC02812 DSC02813

Before we all join together in “Our God is an awesome God”DSC02814 DSC02815 DSC02816 DSC02817What a fantastic morning! Well done everyone!


Profit and Loss Accounts

Year 6 are working on their theme park profit and loss accounts, it’s a little bit too much for some children, look carefully at the photos!!


They worked incredibly hard over two sessions, finding their income from the gate, shops, ice cream stands and cafés and then taking away their daily costs to find their overall profits.