Reception Homework!


Before PE, we have to take our socks and shoes off. We are great at doing this and remembering to tuck our socks into our shoes so the socks don’t get lost.

After PE, we have to put them back on which is a bit harder especially when we are tired after all that exercise. Please would you help us by letting us practise putting our socks and shoes on independently at home.

Whole School Assembly

Well done to Reception and Year 1 for coming into assembly so beautifully today! Lots of smiles and sensible children. Thank you to our Year 6 chaplaincy team for supporting them.

photo 3

photo 2

Unfortunately the actual assembly didn’t start too well, I told the children I had seen a magic trick online and I wanted to show it to them but it went wrong!! The children were asked to sing a hymn while I decided what to do. I had a few options, I could look online and see if there were any ideas or tips to fix the trick, ask another teacher, go and get Mr White or give up completely!


The children encouraged me to try again and said that it didn’t matter if I made another mistake, that they wouldn’t tell Mr White and that I should keep on trying!! Thankfully the magic trick worked, I felt so confident I showed them another one – turning two hoops into one big square! photo 1

The children said that if we try, try, try then we can, can, can!! Giving up is easy, persevering might be harder but it’ll be worth it in the end! We then listened to a reading from the Gospel of Saint John, where the Disciples had to trust Jesus and persevere with their fishing to succeed.