What do teachers do on an INSET day?

Staff arrived to some lively music in the hall to wake us up for the day ahead …



… before embarking on a busy schedule


We began our day by gathering in prayer, thinking of our families and our whole school community.



We had a discussion about our priorities for the year which included looking for further opportunities to help the wider community see what we are up to (through blogs and tweets); using the New Curriculum as an opportunity to review all that we are doing so that there is real breadth and balance in the curriculum for all; developing the next stages of our Building Learning Power skill-set; and using Twitter to enhance professional development for staff.

skittlesThe Skittles weren’t just to keep us all awake – they were linked to a Professional Development paper on using Twitter in education! A good excuse to continue some of the holiday excesses for one more day!!!

Mrs O led us on a fact-packed journey all to do with the new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice which comes into force today. It’s great to have our own resident expert on the team!

Mrs White then helped us to update our blogging skills. We were all set some homework to blog something today!

Following coffee (and home made cake from Mrs Briscoe) we spent some time looking at a DVD of a maths lesson and thinking about how ‘lesson study’ can help us all to move our practice on even further.

Mrs Stewart provided us with a lovely lunch and then everyone set off to class to focus on their outstanding classroom learning environments whilst Mrs LaSala and I tackled the school post!

Did you know that this will be our 50th anniversary year? We’d better start planning the celebrations!!

It will be wonderful to see all of the children tomorrow and hear their holiday news. We look forward to welcoming everyone back. See you all tomorrow!

God bless!

Jon White



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