Fungi are multi-cell non-vascular organisms. We looked along the wiggly path finding evidence of fungus.

image image Investigating fungi. We went outside and searched our grounds.

we found chicken of the woods, candlesnuff fungus, bay boletus, field mushroom, oyster, ink caps. We found them on wood, in the ground and in the beetle shelter.sci

yeast mi hc

We put 2 spoons of yeast, 100 ml of water, 2 spoons of sugar then we measured the temperature and we watched the bag. The yeast respired and we saw froth, the bags got fatter some of them popped.

Then we tried using milk instead of water and hot chocolate instead of sugar to see if it still worked. It did.

We learnt about Lichen and next week we are going to the woods to find fungi and lichen.

When we were outside we also spotted these on the leaves. Isabella and Damian, Y6


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