Assembly Advent 1

We were thinking about the Advent wreath today in assembly.

We used the 5 Candles Reflection …                                                                                   In order to lift the blanket of darkness
Which sometimes covers the world
And even people’s hearts, Lord,
And prevents us from seeing you,
I will prepare five candles
And place four of them at the corners of the earth
And one at the very centre of life itself
In order to bring light everywhere:
North, south, east and west,
Top and bottom, left and right.
This way, all the people of the earth
Will be able to see you and welcome you, Jesus.

We lit the first candle …


The first candle will be the light of my smile
Given to everyone, every day like a gift
Because, Lord, you come for the joy of all!     

Everyone enjoyed singing ‘Someone is coming who is greater than I’ with its rousing refrain of “Make way, make way, for Jesus the Lord!” This was a fantastic link to this week’s Gospel which we shared. We thought about John the Baptism preparing a way for Jesus and who we needed to prepare a way for Jesus.


We then thought about how we could prepare the way for Jesus by helping others. Each class was given a large Christmas Card to go on the prayer table. For just £1 anyone can sign this card to their class instead of (or as well as if you want!) writing individual cards. Each class will then select a gift form the CAFOD WORD GIFTS catalogue which will be sent to a community in real need somewhere in the world.

You can find out more about CAFOD’s WORLD GIFTS here …

We finished by joining together in the Our Father & singing Silent Night.

As it is the assembly before the second Sunday of Advent we also lit the second candle at the end of assembly … but it didn’t want to light at first maybe because we were cheating?!


We are all looking forward to the second week of Advent!

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