what’s been happening in Year 3

The week started with the design and technology workshop which enabled the children to practise measuring and sawing wood accurately.

In Maths we have been exploring measures of mass and converting grams to kilograms and vice versa.image

In Literacy we completed our Fairy Tales with a twist and helped each other to edit some of our work. We then wrote our own “list poems” using lots of interesting similes.

The end of the weekimage involved some more measuring and sawing ready to make our picture frames.





Watch watch this space for our completed poems.

Don’t forget to look at the website for practising your French through some fun games. Bon weekend tout le monde.

Assembly – Thursday 29th January 2015

Thanks to Marion Grey for bringing photos of the Kanyike Project to our assembly this afternoon.
Find out more about the Kanyike Project in Uganda here…
We will be raising funds for this project during Lent. Funds that we hope will help to fix the roof, decorate the classroom and repair the bore hole. Time to focus on raising those much needed funds!




Assembly – fishers of men

In assembly this afternoon we explored this weekend’s Gospel taken from Mark 1: 14-20. Joe shared this beautiful gospel passage with us and read it expertly.

We thought about the job of the fishermen. It isn’t an easy job to cast out your net and fill it with fish. You have to know how fish behave, where and when you’ll find them and Mr White demonstrated how difficult it was to throw the large net so that it hit the surface correctly!

We thought about what it meant to be a ‘fisher of men’ and how the disciples could cast out their net to capture others. We then thought about what we could do to be ‘fishers of men’ today in our school and in our homes!
Reception class took the net with them so that they could practise casting it out.
Isn’t it great that we all have such an important role to play as modern day disciples? Let’s cast our nets out as wide as we can and as often as we can. Good luck!!!