Assembly Thursday – packing Christmas away

Well all good things have to come to an end and so the Christmas season is over … Back to ordinary time.

But as we put out the candles on the advent wreath and as we packed away each character from the crib we prayed that something about that character would help us be a better person as we journey into 2015.
We listened to this week’s Gospel for the Baptism of Jesus.

As we packed Jesus away we prayed that we would be better at showing Jesus’ love to others through our own lives.
As we packed the shepherds away we remembered to focus on the vulnerable and needy. As we packed Joseph away we praise for the courage to do what is right and as we packed Mary away we prayed for the courage to trust God’s plan for us and follow it.


Let’s make 2015 the best it cN be through all that we do!

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