Assembly – Transfiguration

We shared this week’s Gospel reading and tried to work out what Transfiguration means.

We understood that Jesus’ appearance had changed – he was now shining brightly to all like the sun. We also noted that familiar Old Testament biblical figures (who would have been recognised by those who were watching) were with him.

So Jesus would have been noticed and some connections to history would have been made.
Eddie explained that Jesus would have been encouraged by all that happened – YES – to hear God’s voice ‘this is my beloved son; listen to him’ must have filled him with courage for what was ahead. The disciples also must have felt encouraged – they were following the right person!!!! This would be even more important to them as the Easter story unfolded for them.
We decided that encouragement of each other on our Lenten journey was really important. I certainly need much encouragement to ensure that I don’t eat those crisps!!!!
“Try, try, try and you can, can, can!
We talked about our CAFOD penny boxes and what we could achieve if we filled them (read the side of your collection box!) we also thought about what we could “cut out”.

Let’s try really hard to fill these boxes and do our bit for those most in need during lent.

Good luck – what is your class’ fundraising event this term?


We made simple water rockets, designed a sleeve, fins and a nose cone. As you can see releasing them was great fun!

We looked at the distance they travelled, the reasons they spun, wobbled and turned. We learnt about thrust, air resistance and gravity, then we compared the difference when we used different amounts of water.

How many of you will design a new rocket during half term?