What a surprise!

Today’s RE lesson started with a surprise…we all had a biscuit. We were shocked as we don’t usually eat in RE. This was to help us understand how surprised Mary was when she found the tomb of Jesus empty. She had another surprise when someone called her name and it was Jesus…and he was alive!

image  image

We took the iPads outside to look for signs of new life and things alive outside. There were lots of things growing including nettles and grass.


Although we could hear lots of birds singing, we couldn’t see any despite looking high up in the trees and listening very carefully. There were lots of new buds and blossom on the trees.

If you look very carefully through the blossom on this tree, to see what is alive in it, YOU will get a surprise!image

Assembly – 30th April

We began by keeping the people of Nepal in our prayers. 

We then played a game to guess what these symbols stood for …. 

 Everyone knew them all immediately! We didn’t even really have to think!

We listened to this weekend’s Gospel from St John (15: 1-8)  

We heard about Jesus being the vine and us being the branches that could lead to great fruit. Jesus is the strong vine that supports. We are the branches that all grow differently but have the potential to give fruit if the conditions are right for growth. God looks after the vine and branches ensuring that they have everything that is needed. Jesus helps his fruit (us) to be the best crop that we can be!

We decided that people in Jesus’ time would really understand the image of the vines just as we understood immediately the images for the Xbox and McDonalds. Jesus selected images that people would know well in order to teach them about new things. 

In the Gospel of St John, there are many images like this that would be familiar to the people living near Jesus. These are sometimes called the ‘I ams’. can you remember what they are and what they teach us about Jesus? The images below might help you!  


  • I am the vine
  • I am the shepherd
  • I am the bread of life
  • I am the light of the world
  • I am the way, the truth and the life

Loving Father                 

Thank you for giving us lots of symbols that help us to remind us of Jesus and how he wants us to live.

Help us to be strong and healthy fruit on his beautiful vine.

Help us to be bright lights in the world

And to be fed by all of his ways.