I forgot to blog assembly this week!

We lit the Easter candle bought for us in July by our Year 6 leavers who are now in year 7. We kept them in our prayers as promised.  We thought about how we could bring the risen light of Christ into the world.Then we thought about the fact that it was St George’s day. We thought about the St George’s Red Cross – a symbol of England and how it can be seen on the Union Flag. We remembered stories about St George slaying a dragon who was terrorising the area. We discovered that the real St George was a Roman soldier who died fightI got against those who were fighting against and killing Christians.  On the right hand side of the Altar you can just see a small icon of St George which was presented to the school by Bisop Angealos on a visit to the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St George near Shephalbury Park some years ago.  

We thought about the fact that in some areas of the world it is not easy to be a public Christian today. In fact, sadly, as the news has shown recently some people are still killed for it today in some parts of our world. We prayed for our Christian brothers and sisters across the world, for unity and for peace.

St George was a great hero; Jesus calls us all to be his Christian heroes but we don’t need to be quite so brave as St George as long as we stand up for what is right. We sang ‘God’s people aren’t super brave superheroes’ with all of the fantastic actions too! 

Damien read this week’s Gospel for us where we heard about the Good Shepherd. Isn’t it fantastic that there is always someone there for us!!! 

Next for the achievements ….

Wasn’t it fantastic to see the talents of our very own third place Irish Dancing WORLD CHAMPION?!



John Paul was able to tell us about his fantastic County Tennis competition. 

  There was an infant swimming award ….


And three fantastic Violin Grade One certificates to present to three talented Yr5 musicians! 

  We ended with our usual birthday celebrations. 

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