Assembly – a heart which sees

We began assembly by singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ – it was lovely to see our new Reception children swaying along!

We read this week’s Gospel and focused on the key question,
Who is Jesus?

The children had lots of ideas:
Son of God
Prince of Peace
King of Kings
Light of the World
Creator of all

I asked them to think of Jesus as the love in their hearts.

We then thought about Jesus as a HEART THAT SEES. The heart that sees responds to the things in our world that aren’t right with mercy, compassion, love and prayer.


This might be in our response to someone living on the streets; to those who are hungry in distant parts of our world; to those who have fallen out with friends on the playground; or to those who have had to leave their homes and travel because they are in danger: refugees.


We sung ‘When I needed a neighbour were you there?’ …

“For the creed and the colour and the name don’t matter, were you there?”

We talked about how we could use a non uniform day to raise funds that would help the aid agencies to support those on a journey from danger to safety (date to be announced!) and also about how we could collect practical items that they might need to survive (details to follow). We also talked about the power of prayer at such times.

Everyone was challenged to be the heart that sees – our theme for this term as we lead up to the start of a Year of Mercy.

How can YOU be a heart which sees?

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