Assembly: Harvest preparations with a heart that sees.

We came into assembly listening to ‘Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord’. Listen to a version of it here …
We thought about how we could open our eyes to the needs of people in Stevenage. Our Harvest Festival Mass would be an opportunity to help two groups of people in Stevenage:

(1) The elderly in our parish who we will provide a bag of treats for to show them that we love them;
(2) Users of Stevenage Food Bank who we will help by providing items that will support them in their daily life.

We practised our Harvest Samba – a really jolly reminder that it is our duty to share the harvest with those most in need.

We listened to this week’s Gospel according to Mark. We learnt that Jesus always wants us, his children, to be near him.

We explored how can come to Jesus through prayer and through ensuring that our heart sees and our hands act.

We practised another of our Harvest hymns, ‘Give thanks for the Harvest’ before celebrating the fantastic news that the Heart that Sees in our school had already raised £350 to support refugees on their journey. Thank you to children, parents and staff for acting with a Heart that Sees to support our brothers and sisters who have been forced to undertake such a journey. Well done everyone!

Loving Father
Help us all to open the eyes of our heart
So that we can see those most in need.
Help us to use our hands to help them
And help us to stay close to you always.

Five fantastic individuals received an award today for representing our school community at our Deanery Family Mass in Letchworth Yesterday. They enjoyed meeting Bishop John Sherrington and brought back for us a candle to be used during the Year of Mercy along with a message that we must all be Jesus’ bright lights in the world.

Well done – you made us all very proud!



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