Water to wine – it’s a miracle!

We entered assembly through our Holy Doors.


On of our aims during this Year of Mercy is being better at saying sorry and looking for forgiveness. In the quiet of our minds we thought about the past week: the things that had gone well and the things hadn’t gone so well.

Oh my God, I thank you for loving me.                                                                                            

I am sorry for the times when I have got it wrong,                                                                          

for not loving others and sometimes not loving you enough.                                                    

Help me to live again like Jesus                                                                                                            

so that your face is shown to others through my actions.                                                      


We thought about how Jesus is with us in those times when we are ready to say sorry.

We listened to this weekend’s Gospel – the story of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Canan. We realised that Mary trusted that Jesus could do something and that the bridegroom and the servants had to trust in Jesus’ actions if the disaster was to be averted.

The result was a miracle – something extraordinary – the impossible completed – water turned into wine. And with the miracle came JOY and CELEBRATION. This was a sign to others that Jesus was very special and that God was working through him to bring joy to the world.

Mr White attempt to do the same thing …


Despite the excitement, Mr White did tell us that it was a trick – not like Jesus’ real miracle. But we did get a sense of the excitement and joy at the amazing spectacle that the guests must have experienced!

God can make the very ordinary extraordinary and the impossible possible. His power is immense and his bounty is endless.

Anything is possible with God. What fantastic news!!

God wants us to be joyful but we must trust in him to achieve this.

Pope Francis says,

“Dear Young People, if we are close to Jesus, we will have joy in our hearts and a smile on our face.”

Dear God

Thank you for the way that you make the very ordinary things so very special

Help us to trust in you so that you can transform our lives like the water to wine

So that we are more able to show your face to others whom we meet.






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