This week in Reception

Reception have been making the most of the sunny spells this week by taking our learning outside.

We have been measuring length and width, investigating colour mixing in the water tray, writing instructions for our mud cakes and using paint to write our names.

Finding the best body shape to roll down the hill was a great investigation too.

This week in Nursery….

We have been learning about different types of vegetables and fruit, which grow on trees and

in the ground. We gave also been busy sowing vegetables in our raised beds-carrots, peas, potatoes and lettuce-to enjoy later in the term when we harvest them!

In Phonics, we are practising blending short words that have been segmented,             eg c-a-t ….cat and listening very carefully to the initial sound in words.

In Maths we have been counting objects and matching the correct numeral as the total and practising scribing numbers to 10.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

This Week in Year Four…..

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThere was much excitement this week as we explored lots of Romans artefacts at the museum. We sifted Roman rubbish for evidence of a feast, named some unusual artefacts, explored some archaeological finds and practised our Roman writing!

In other news, we continued with our playscripts by editing them and explored area and perimeter. We learned about Pentecost and the very beginnings of the church, as well as the conversion of King Ethelred to Christianity. We also thought about electrical safety.


Thank you to Year 1 and to Mrs Howard…

for being so kind and considerate about my tickly cough this week! You have all been very patient with me!

This week we learnt about how the disciples reacted when Jesus appeared to them after rising from the dead on Easter Sunday. We began our Science learning about plants by taking a walk down the wiggly path and seeing how many plants we could spot and our phonics leaning has focused on the ai sound. Can you remember the three main ways we can write the ai sound Year 1?
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Here are some of the plants we spotted. We’ll have a go at identifying them next week and will be be planting some plants of our own!


This week in Year 3 

This week in Year 3 we have continued our work on persuasive writing in English. We have also been learning about conjunctions and how they can to help to give us more information by explaining our ideas. In Maths we have been learning the properties of 2D shapes- this week we learnt the word vertices and have been working hard to use it (instead of saying corners). In R.E we learnt the story of doubting Thomas. We have also been thinking about the times we may have doubted someone or something. We asked for God’s support to believe in things, even when we are full of doubt. We did a science experiment this week, to help support our understanding of rocks and the way sedimentary rock is formed. Enjoy your long weekend!

This week in Year Two

Year 2 continued to learn more about The Great Fire of London.  We wrote diary entries in the style of Samuel Pepys.  We thought about what we would see, hear, smell and feel on 2nd September 1666. We drafted and re-drafted our diary entries and then typed them up using “word”.  It was exciting to try out some old fashioned fonts!

Paul Klee’s painting “Fire in the Evening” provided the inspiration for some abstract paintings using blocks of colour.


in Maths this week we have been weighing using weights and making models using multi link cubes.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is our class novel and we were delighted when Charlie found a golden ticket this week

In RE we were learning about the Promise Jesus made to send a Special Helper to be with us.

Fabulous 50 club results this week Year Two – 18 children scored 50 this week!



Nothing could match watching, holding and experiencing the wonderful ducklings, we have been so lucky in sharing the joy of new life!

English – this week we began our new poem, we will create our own ‘book’ poems next week, listen again to our inspirational poet Michael Rosen

Maths – problem solving and manipulating fractions – some info here for anyone who wants to explore more &

Well done everyone – lots of the class scored their highest scores in maths or spelling tests this week, keep it up!

Please look in your child’s reading diary to find out about their learning this week.

My favourite teaching lesson this week was our RE lessons, thinking about a prayer place in our minds, connecting with God on a personal level. We used this music by Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche



This week in Year 6

It’s been another productive week in Year 6! The children have worked through numerous SATs papers and they have managed to improve their scores and test technique.

Next week they will complete the 2015 papers under test conditions; the classroom walls are bare in preparation for the final week; we’re almost there, just 4 more school days!!

In between revision we have spent some time with the ducklings, we took them swimming on Tuesday and then said goodbye to them on Wednesday – we had a quack-ing time together!!

We also read about Jesus’ promise to the disciples, that He would not leave them orphans. We wrote our own Holy Spirit acrostic poems; some children even managed to make their poems rhyme! Later on in the week we then looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how these gifts helped the early Christian communities.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, enjoy the rest!


Year 5 Lighthouse link for HWK


I hope that you all enjoy finishing writing your brilliant Lighthouse narratives. Here is a link to the animated film that you might want to watch to remind you of the story. Remember to use the storyboard pictures to help.

Watch the animation ‘Lighthouse’ here …

Remember to read through your writing and complete a pencil check.


Effort breeds success …

I can’t wait to read them – due in on Tuesday. I’ll have my draft ready for Tuesday too and will send it down to class for you to mark!

Enjoy your writing – make it your best yet!!!

Mr W