Year 3’s learning journey this week.

This week in Year 3 we have been learning about advertisements and persuasive writing in English. In Maths, we have been learning to round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred; as well learning how to read the exact minute on an analogue clock. In R.E this week we have started our new topic Celebrating Easter and Pentecost; this week we were exploring the way the Church celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus and how we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus at home with our families. We have also been making links between the new life we are given through Jesus and the new life we can see around us, that marks the beginning of Spring. The children were very keen to start our new Science topic on Rocks. We spent some time making the most of our lovely outdoor learning environment (and the nice weather) by looking for all the materials that are used around the school that may have originally come from rock. In Geography this week we have started looking at the continents, we began by thinking about the other countries in the continent of Europe. Don’t forget to return your reply slips for a trip to Celtic how many camp next week!

What a fantastic first week back!

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