In English we created wonderful sentences about Michael’s experiences on the island – for those of you following the education news, yes, we were using clauses and conjunctions!

In maths we revised place value, formal methods of multiplication and division and converting fractions, decimals and %, well done for getting so absorbed int the tasks.


In RE we have explored the Our Father, the meanings of the words, when they were they first said and how the prayer varies in different Christian settings.

Another great week in 50 club and spellings, we have some children who have completed all the 50 club challenges and over 24 children who scored 18, 19 or 20 in their spelling test.

Please remember to read at home and discuss the text; at least 4 times per week.

Next week we will complete the AQA tests papers, we use these tests to support the assessment judgements we make on a daily basis.  Your children are well prepared for them and I know they will do their best, please don’t worry about the tests and encourage your children to view them in a positive way.



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