Questions, questions!

This week in Year Two we have been asking and answering questions of many types in many ways.

Answering word problems in Maths and explaining “how do you know?” Provided us with some challenging opportunities to work together and to show our resilience when selecting the operations to use in multi-step questions. Our new sand kitchen was put to good use with lots of weighing activities, wet and dry!

In our reading we have been asking questions that go beyond what is obvious in the text and looking for evidence to “prove it!

in our writing we thought about the structure of our stories and answered questions about what might happen next. We thought about the journey of a story and how we, as writers, take the reader on the journey with us.

We made the most of the lovely weather to get outside. We had lots of “I wonder” questions about mini beasts and their habitats and enjoyed being scientific in our approach to finding the answers. Fabulous noticing Year Two.



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