This week in Nursery

We have had a butterfly focus week, thanks to our class cocoons being shed and the wonderful emergence of fabulous Painted Lady butterflies. We waited a day to let their wings dry out from their time in the cocoon and then invited our friends in Reception to join us as we laid them on leaves down the Wiggly Path. After the holidays, we are going in search of any eggs that may have been laid, ready for the life cycle to begin again.

Inspired by our butterflies, we used ribbons and fabric wings in PE to move like butterflies and then practised our joining skills by creating caterpillars and butterflies from recycled materials.

in Maths, we have been learning about pattern and copying and creating patterns following our observations of minibeasts. We have also used our butterfly paintings to learn about symmetry. In Phonics we have continued to practise segmenting words, particularly paying attention to the end sound.

Nursery have a wonderful half term, you have worked really hard and deserve it!


One thought on “This week in Nursery

  1. This is why Freddy loves wrapping himself up in a duvet and pretending to be a cocoon and then growing in to a butterfly! He does this every evening after bath time when getting ready for bed…:)

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