Youth Leadership Team – End of Year Review!

This has been a very busy year for the newly formed Youth Leadership Team.  At the beginning of the year we formed 3 committees;

  • Learning
  • Environment
  • Fundraising

This enabled us to focus on and develop our knowledge of different areas of school life. Each team was led by the Year 6 representative and this committee structure is something we want to develop further next year.


There were many highlights this year.  We spent the £500 given to us by the Governors on a sand kitchen for Key Stage 1 and more playtime equipment for Key Stage 2.

“Love in a Box” – we supported this Stevenage Youth Parliament initiative to collect food for the Stevenage Foodbank.

Banneux Fundraising – we held a non-uniform day to raise £300 to send a  person on pilgrimage to Banneux in Belgium. We were delighted with the response to this appeal by a small local charity.

Stevenage Youth Parliament – The Year 6 representatives had the opportunity to go to meetings at the Stevenage Council Offices to meet with the Mayor, Councillors and members of other Stevenage schools.


To everyone for helping us with our work this year.

To parents for donations to “Love in a Box”

To Governors who attended our meetings and gave us a budget to spend.

To Mr White for giving us the opportunity to have a real say in decisions that affect us in school.

To our classmates for responding to our appeals and giving us suggestions about how to make our school an even better place. We open the Suggestion Box before every meeting and all your suggestions are carefully discussed.


In September we will hold new elections, if you would like to be involved please stand, it is a really important role in our school.

We would like to raise money for Banneux again.

If the Governors give us another budget we would like to spend it on an activity day for us all to enjoy as this is a suggestion that keeps coming up in the Suggestion Box.

We would like to Blog about our meetings more regularly to keep everyone informed about what we have been talking about.

We would like to work more closely with the PSFA to help their fundraising for the school and their recycling projects.

The Youth Leadership Team 2016/17




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