Our week in Nursery


We have been learning all about shapes: how many corners, sides, straight or curved lines; shapes in the environment around us and how to create our own shapes. We investigated which shapes were best for rolling down a slope and what type of surface was best for a road, straight or curved.?  How many shapes can you recognise at home? A circular clock, rectangular door, triangular pizza slice…come and tell me on Monday how many you spotted!

We used the outdoor space to practise our listening and discrimination of sounds and had a Superhero Challenge to find the sound that our names started with.

The week’s highlight was constructing a bug hotel and hedgehog house with our friends in Year 6. They showed us what materials to use, how to make it safe and warm for the creatures and now we are looking forward to welcoming new visitors into our outdoor space!

This week in Reception…


Reception have been learning about 2D (flat) shapes, comparing heights using natural materials and length by recording how far a car travels down a slope.

Our new sounds this week were ‘m’, ‘d’ and ‘n’ and we practised blending these by playing ‘Buried Treasure’ on the word wall and laptops. Lots of mark making went on in the creation of treasure maps and police plans. Finding rhyming words was a say when we read our favourite story so far ‘Chicka, Chicka, boom boom.’

Super manners and very helpful hands were demonstrated in Snack & Chat time. It was a very busy week!


This Week in Year Four


What a great week we’ve had in Year Four – planning stories while thinking carefully about story structure and dialogue, working on our mental and written methods of addition, and interviewing Joseph about the ways in which God worked through people to help him during his life. We’ve also learned about types and functions of teeth -ask Year Four what a molar is! On Monday we began researching life in the Roman army, thinking about the benefits and dangers of being a Roman soldier.

Our week in Year 5


This week we have finished our Biography topic by writing an interview with a famous person of our choice. We had some interesting choices from Stampy to Mo Farah! We have also practised using relative clauses in our sentences-I wonder if we can use these in our written work from now on?!
Our maths focus this week has been on decimals up to thousandths and learning how to multiply and divide decimals by 10 and 100. We will continue with our decimal work next week.
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of children who got 20/20 this week in our spelling test-keep up the good work! We finished the week by watching our first Greek myth.
Have a great weekend and see you next week!

All about Owls in Year 2


This week “The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark” by Jill Tomlinson provided the  stimulus for much of our work in class.  We found out why being scared of the dark is a problem if you are a barn owl. We carried out some extensive research to find out all about owls and wrote some excellent information leaflets.  We wrote letters to Plop to explain about the dark and why he should not be afraid.  We worked together to improve our writing.  By sharing our writing with our friends we were able to give and receive constructive advice to make our writing even better next time.

Owls were also used as the theme for our sketching this week.  We explored use of sketching pencils and produced some really carefully sketches of owls. Great noticing year 2 you showed excellent attention to detail and resilience in your work.

We have been working on “Listening” in Building Learning Power this week and had great fun playing some tricky listening games in groups and as a whole class.

Each day we continued to work on our handwriting and we are now beginning to join.  We practised joining when writing our names and all the children are now joining their name whenever they write it down.  I was really impressed that those children who returned their spelling sheet homework this week had used a joined script.

In Maths we have been improving our addition and subtraction using unmarked number lines to help us.

Parents Evening letters are in book bags this weekend, please make sure that these are returned on Monday. First come first served on appointment times!

Our week in Year 1



This week we continued our learning about our class story Knuffle Bunny and have been writing sentences using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. We learned today that all names need to start with a capital letter too and wrote sentences about the members of our family. In Science we continued our learning about humans and took part in an investigation to help a little girl called Ella find her teddy bear in the train station lost property office. The children used all five of their senses to find Ella’s lost teddy bear Daniel. Well done Year 1! In R.E this week we learned about how we all have a responsibility to look after God’s world. Another super week Year 1, don’t forget to read at least 4 times over the next week to get your treat next Friday!

This week in Year 6


In literacy this week we completed a reading test and a grammar test. We spent time working with a partner to talk through the questions and fix our mistakes.
In maths we explored multiples, common multiples, lowest common multiples, factors, common factors and prime factors! Phew!!

On Tuesday we had a fantastic time at the Gordon Craig Theatre watching the Ministry of Science show, it was great! Excellent experiments and big bangs!!! 😱

We looked at how we can use our gifts to make the Kingdom stronger and how we can live life to the fullest in RE. World leaders were our focus in history and the children created some amazing wanted posters!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!




Children (and adults) cheering, shouting, jumping and laughing all the way through their science lesson this week!

We all had a fantastic time, the pupils were amazing and a joy to take; and hopefully there are a few more of our pupils inspired to look towards a future in science or engineering.


Thank you to parents for supporting the trip and your patience at the collection point.