This week in Nursery…

We have been making the most of the amazing hot weather to explore our outdoor environment. The children have been conducting water investigations: how water travels; which direction it flows in and whether adding sand or soil affects how fast water can flow.

In the garden area we have also

begun to plant some salad leaves and have harvested potatoes and carrots, which we will enjoy at snack time next week.

The children are settling in well to new routines and making new friends. At snack time it is wonderful to see them independently laying the tables, counting beakers and fruit and having conversations with others in their colour group. It is becoming a lovely collaborative social element to the day.

Finally, we have been practising listening skills by identifying sounds in our environment, differentiating between various musical instrument sounds and playing animal sound games on the whiteboard as a class.

Well done Nursery, you have worked hard and deserve a relaxing weekend!

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