This week in Year 2

Phew! Year 2 have had another really busy week.

We explored the Wiggly Path this week and were amazed at how many shades of green and different textures we found. We wrote descriptions using some amazing adjectives.  Well done Year 2.  We also collected “treasure” to create a natural collage of soft, sticky, smooth, spiky, hairy things!

In ICT we had great fun using “Kodable” to explore coding.  Impressive work from year 2 who showed resilience, teamwork and excellent forward planning and revising.

In RE we heard about Abraham and how he was chosen by God.  We considered the ways that we can be trustworthy and that whatever happens we can trust that God will be with us.

In our maths lessons this week we have carried out some interesting number investigations and have thought about how working systematically can help us to solve problems.

We had a handwriting lesson everyday this week and we can already see a huge improvement in our letter formation.  Ready for joining  now Year 2.

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