Another Busy Year 2 Week.

This week Year 2 made the most of the Autumn sunshine and enjoyed making natural material collage.  We collected all sorts of wonderful treasure and worked in teams to create some beautiful pictures.  It was delightful to be able to work outside and explore the beautiful colours, textures and shapes.

In English we enjoyed listening to the next chapters of “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” and were surprised that Plop, the owl, still does “not like it AT ALL”. We are continuing to work hard on handwriting and are busy developing a beautiful joined script.  In our phonic lessons this week we enjoyed using the interactive screen to find words with the ue/oo/u-e/ew sound! We have been learning about verbs this week and have been writing sentences using the past tense.

In maths we have been busy counting on and back using number lines.  We loved using the Numicon and Cuisenaire equipment.  We have been improving our mental skills adding several numbers together.  This has proved to be really useful when adding up the table points!

I look forward to seeing your parents at the consultation evening next week year 2, I know they will be interested in finding our how you are getting on and looking at your lovely books.



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