This week in Year 3

Wow! What another busy week in Year 3! This week, we took a break from our topic of The Christian Family in R.E to think about Harvest Festival. We have been thinking about what we celebrate at Harvest and why- we even had a go at writing a short acrostic poem. In English we have been working hard on instruction texts- trying to help out a sailor who lost his magic pearl to a pirate! We learnt how to make antique style paper to draw a wanted poster, in the hope that someone would recognise the pesky pirate. Doing this has helped us learn about imperative verbs, time connectives and the features of instructions. In Maths we have continued working on our understanding of place value and partitioning and mental addition and subtraction- today we played a game called 5 steps to 50. This week we have also been exploring how we can partition, or break number in lots of different ways- not just hundreds, tens and ones; and how this can make mental calculations more straightforward. 
A jam packed week! 

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