Super Story Writing in Year 2

This week Year 2 produced some excellent new chapters for the class novel “The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.”  They used some excellent adjectives to describe the dark and thought of some wonderful ideas about why Plop the owl should not be afraid.   In our grammar lessons we have been learning about  past tense verbs and I was very impressed to see the children apply this work in their story writing.  We researched another nocturnal animal too finding out all about hedgehogs.

In maths this week we were working with some big numbers learning about hundreds, tens and ones.  We completed some tricky challenges involving some numbers in the hundreds.

In RE we thought about being thankful and made THANKYOU cards for God.  We enjoyed the Harvest Mass and said our prayers beautifully.

This week was Parents’ Consultation week and we used this opportunity to reflect on how we are getting on in Year 2, the progress we have made already and what we want to achieve next. It seems incredible that we have only been in Year 2 for 6 weeks as we have already improved our work so much.

This week the Wednesday Word was about Prayer and we saying the “Our Father” everyday to make sure we know this special prayer perfectly.  We are also learning to pray the “Hail Mary” as October is one of Mary’s special months.


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