It’s shine day 2 and our theme is STRONGER TOGETHER today.

We have been coming into assembly listening to some SHINE songs and we are beginning to learn the words now …

Year 3 & 4 began by sharing the community flowers, rooted in God that they had created yesterday, with petals fro all the different groups that they belong to.

We listened to a one line Gospel from St Matthew:

“Where two or three are gathered in my name,                      I am there.”

We thought about how we can work together to shine and also considered that Catholics do not shone on their own: we are STRONGER TOGETHER as a group of Christians.


We thought about the Christian groups in Stevenage and created a STRONG CHAIN and considered that it is Jesus that joins us together and helps us to shine brightly!


The classes shared some of the exciting things that they would be up to today. It sounded like great fun!

As we left assembly, we sung some more of our new shine songs …

Year 6 then prepared to visit St Hilda’s to support the Clergy and Bishop Paul at a Deanery Mass for Deceased Clergy. Our children showed their strong support for the priests, Deacons and Bishops today and were clearly bright lights to all they met.We were also there to show our support for wonderful Eileen who is a great support to Father Michael at St Hilda’s. Eileen was awarded with a Papal Blessing today for her great work. Congratulations, we were pleased to celebrate with you!

Well done for being such great, bright, shining ambassadors!

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