This week in Nursery…

we have been busy practising our songs, actions and lines for the Nativity play. It was very exciting to collaborate with Reception and to use the stage to practise. All the children have excelled in developing their listening and attention skills and, most importantly, their confidence in different social situations.

In Phonics we have been learning how to recognise and copy rhythms and continue rhyming strings. Our Nativity singing practice has helped us in recognising rhyming words and we have had fun creating our own rhymes, using both real and made-up words!

In Maths we have been learning all about positional language and our understanding and use of prepositions has developed greatly in a few days. We loved the storybook Rosie’s Walk and used our class bear, George, to demonstrate our knowledge of prepositions.

Finally, we were very excited today when Mrs Cooper came to show us the finished EYFS SHINE Week banner, which contains unique handprints from all the children in Nursery and Reception classes. We recognised our own handprints from the banner and were delighted to see that, like each of us, no two handprints were exactly the same.

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