This week in Year 2

In Year 2 this week we have been learning about using the inverse operation in Maths.

We used rhyme in our English lessons this week and wrote some silly sentences using rhyming words.  We worked on questions, learning about how to use question marks and thought about the questions that might give us the answers we were given. We added question marks, exclamation marks and those special question words to our writers toolkit.

We used the sewing skills practised with parents and Year 6 during Shine Week to sew Christmas stockings.  They are beautiful Year 2.  Well done.

We worked hard on our handwriting this week.  Now that we know all the joins we are trying to make our writing smaller and are beginning to develop a fluent joined script.

We started to learn songs for our Christmas Play this year.  Inspired by Shine Week we are learning about how children celebrate Christmas all around the world.img_1861img_1860

Today was non-uniform day.  It was great to see the children supporting this, thank you for bringing a bottle to school for the Christmas Fayre.

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