This week in Year 5


What an action packed week!
We performed brilliantly during the KS2 Christmas play-everyone was so impressed with our singing. Mrs White and Mrs Mather are looking forward to the Easter play already!
We had lots of fun making some very creative Christmas hats to wear during our delicious Christmas dinner, snow flakes and paper chains.
We have demonstrated great teamwork whilst working in our groups this week. In Maths we were party planners trying to stick to our £100 budget. We also took part in a Greek Murder Mystery game where we collated lots of different styles of evidence to try to find out who the murderer was…the Corinthian Nobleman, Zarek, was the culprit!
We have finally finished our ‘Oliver’ topic and we were excited to watch the whole film now that we have heard the story.

Congratulations to those children who received half termly reading, homework, friendship and handwriting awards.

Thank you to all the children who have brought in money for the CAFOD Christmas gifts-year 5 have managed to raise a magnificent £70!

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