Year One’s Week

Well done Year One for a fantastic performance of Children of the World on Thursday. You should all be very proud of yourselves for all the hard work, time and effort you have put into learning your parts for the play. I was very proud to be your teacher! 

This week Year One have been learning about a very special kind of sound that has a very special name. These sounds are made from two vowels that are split by another letter. Can you tell someone at home what they are called Year 1? 

We made repeating patterns from 2D shapes this week in Maths, having a go at extending patterns that Ms. Coleman had started for us and making our own too. We also explained how we knew what shape was going to come next.

Our Advent calendar doors are almost all open now. The last door we opened asked us to help with some jobs at home. If you haven’t brought in your money to sign the class Christmas card yet, perhaps you could do a job at home this weekend in return for a pound or two Year 1. 

Have a restful weekend everyone.

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