Our week in Year 1


Year 1 have been such super writers this week! We continued our Traditional Tales theme and planned and wrote our very own traditional tales based on the story of Snow White. They were fantastic! 
We had some very special visitors to St Margaret Clitherow on Monday, all the way from Paradise Wildlife Park. The children got to meet Floss the snake, Monty the rabbit and Hufflepuff the tenrec and found out lots of wonderful facts about them! 
We have been working very hard at our Phonics and have been learning about the different sounds letters can make. We did some super phoneme spotting earlier this week and found 4 different sounds that the letter y can make! Can you find these sounds in your reading book this weekend Year 1? 
Well done for another super week everybody. Have a lovely weekend.

This Week in Year Four


Maths – We have been working on decimal fractions. We’ve been writing numbers as fractions and decimal fractions and placing them on number lines, as well as adding and subtracting 1-place decimals.

English – We have been perfecting our use of fronted adverbials, making sure that we separate them from the main clause in our sentence by using a comma. We’ve also started planning our own episode of a story, thinking specifically about setting and how it affects events.

R.E. We’ve been learning about how John prepared the way for Jesus and the ways in which people might change to get ready for Him.

Art – We looked carefully at four different views of Mount Snowdon and made our own sketches, using short lines and looking very carefully!

Science- We have continued measuring temperature around school, as well as researching the melting and boiling temperatures of different materials.

Geography – We began research on our Mountain Projects.

Have a nice weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!



This week in Reception…


We have been learning all about Chinese New Year which, this year, is on Saturday 28th January. We learned about dragons being kind and helpful creatures that bring good luck. We made an enormous dragon using red and gold which are lucky colours. Our cylinder dragons were able to breath fire in our dragon dance.

In Maths, we used the threading beads to create repeating patterns for the dragons. We also counted the golden coins that we put into our lucky red bags. One of our sounds this week was ‘ch’ which is the start of China and Chinese. We used lots of our phonics skills when we wrote about our own dragons.

Barnaby Bear is off to visit the Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend. We can’t wait to read his diary entry  next week.


A busy week in Nursery


We have been learning about Chinese New Year celebrations as we start the Year of the

Rooster. Fine motor skills have been developed as we have practised using chopsticks; we decided how much our takeaway dishes would cost and wrote labels; dancing dragon puppets were made using our joining skills; we know how to say ‘good morning’ and ‘happy new year’ in Mandarin and enjoyed creating our lion dance to improvised musical accompaniment.

In Maths we used our counting skills and knowledge to make price lists for our takeaway food and labels for our writing resources to help us look after our resources. In Phonics we continued practising alliteration and recognising the aural sound at the start of words…supported by our show and tell session today.


Writing Workshops in Year 2


img_2068img_2057This week Year 2 have been working really hard to use our “Writing Toolkit” to create some excellent pieces of work.  Inspired by our visit from Paradise Wildlife Park, we wrote rhyming poems about animals.  We are continuing to work hard to develop our comprehension skills by answering questions about stories and information we have read or listened to. We are becoming very skilled at looking back to the text to find answers.

In Science we carried out some research about different animals and how they are adapted to their environment.

In our Maths lessons we continued to work on learning our 2 and 3  times table and practised doubling and halving 2-digit numbers.

We used the laptops to learn about using “Word”.  We can change the font, write capital letters, set out our  work and save and retrieve our documents.  We typed up our Animal Poems.

In RE we listened to some stories about The Good News, learning about some miracles Jesus performed. Jarius’ Daughter, The Ten Lepers and The Feeding of The 5,000.  We imagined how the witnesses of these events felt and thought about what they would have told their friends and families about them.

Check book bags  for an information booklet explaining  what will happen about end of year assessments.

Well done to those children who have remembered to bring plimsolls to school and are changing as part of the morning routine.

This week in Year 6


It’s been another busy week in Year 6! We looked at the parts of a Mass in RE, starting with the Penitential Act. We made links between scripture and tradition and we also found out about some of the Vatican II changes.
Discursive writing has been our topic this week in literacy. We found the features, used various stock phrases and connectives and then we wrote our own discursive pieces about the Internet.
We have covered many topics in numeracy throughout the week – nets of a variety of 3D shapes, scale factors and adding and taking away fractions which do not have a common denominator! A real mis-match of topics!!
Our history topic ended this week with the children finishing their local study projects. They came up with excellent arguments for and against the new town development.
Information booklets about the SATs and a date for a ‘drop-in’ session are being sent home today – please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
Have a fantastic weekend!




Year 5 have been very reflective this week, considering quotes, feelings and personal experiences. We explored the life of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, explained some of her quotes and reflected on our own methods to inspire others. We read a crucial part of Krindlekrax and explored how our main character coped with a personal tragedy. In maths we have been brilliant at making links with different elements of maths including decimals and problem solving whilst exploring graphs, charts and tables.

Fantastic learning Year 5 well done!

This week in Reception…


“Run, run as fast as you can,” shouted the Gingerbread man. This was our story for the week and we had lots of fun reading different versions to find out the similarities and differences of each. We sequenced the story using pictures and then wrote our own versions. Thank you for bringing in the wonderful stories you have written at home!

Ice investigations were in full force again this week. We discovered that we could melt the ice by putting it in a sunny place, adding some warm water or by pouring salt on it. Snowmen helped us in maths too. We counted the snowman’s buttons and then found one or two more or less by adding or subtracting buttons.

Golden coins in the sand tray helped us with blending sounds as we worked out which words were treasure and which went in the bin. Great phonic knowledge Reception.

Next week, we will be learning about the Chinese New Year. Which animal year were you born in?