Another Busy Week for Year 2

Year Two enjoyed exploring the frosty wiggly path this week.  We were amazed to see the tiny beads of frost formed by the morning dew.  We warmed them with our fingertips and turned them back into water.  The crisp ground under our feet was so firm that our shoes stayed pristine. Remember to bring your wellington boots next week Year 2 so that we can explore different weather too! We still have a small group of children who do not have plimsolls, indoor shoes are really important to keep the classroom mud free. Thank you.


Year 2 created some amazing machines for Mr Wonka’s factory this week and described the actions of the parts of the machine using really interesting verbs.  We were learning about what happens to regular and irregular verbs when we are writing in the past tense.


In our Maths lessons we continued to work on multiplication and division.  Everybody improved their 50 club score! We also did some assessment tasks on subjects we covered last term.  Well done Year 2 you remembered most work really well.


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