Our week in Nursery…

…has been very busy investigating the world around us. We have explored texture in natural objects found on a frosty morning, fabric materials and everyday household items; experimented with different ways to change texture and made our own playdough and ice! All the children were in agreement, however, that the best experiment was adding water to cornflour and observing what happened when we moved it around the plate. Nobody expected it to solidify when moved with a lolly stick and then change to a milky liquid when left alone!

In Phonics we have been learning how to change sounds both indoors and outdoors and are beginning to speak in sound talk; breaking up a simple word, c-a-t, and squeezing it back together, cat!

In Maths we have practised counting using 121 correlation and recognising numerals. Accidentally, we lost number 6 yesterday and had to be super detectives this morning to find it. After searching around our indoor and outdoor classroom, the children found several number 6s, but which was the lost one?! Maybe a number 6 is hiding in your house…


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