This week in Year 6

It’s been a very busy week in Year 6 – from Olympics on tour to Titanic flashbacks!

In RE we looked in detail at the New Covenant Jesus made with us and our part in this Covenant.

In literacy we looked at preposition phrases, adverbials, adverbs and suffixes. We also planned and wrote our own Titanic flashback pieces trying to apply various techniques.

We did some shape work in numeracy – finding the area of triangles, trapeziums and parallelograms, finding the properties of 3D shapes and finding the volume of items in the classroom. The children did extremely well to remember and apply the correct formulae.

The children continued with their new town projects in history; coming up with excellent reasons for and against the development.

Year 6 had a great time taking part in the Olympics on tour session on Monday, great teamwork, encouragement and effort!

Have a super weekend!img_2673img_2674img_2676img_2678img_2692

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