What A Week!

Year Four have had an action-packed week of learning as always this week!

English – What’s in a paragraph? We’ve looked closely at one episode from our novel, The Ice Palace, and explored what can be found in each paragraph, before re-writing the episode ourselves. I’m enjoyed reading your writing so much Year Four, I can’t wait to read the next piece you write. 

Maths – We’ve continued exploring fractions of amounts and addition and subtraction of fractions with a same denominator. Again it’s been great to see such perseverance with tricky concepts!

R.E. Through asking questions about our own future lives, and reading the story of Jesus in the Temple, we have been learning about Jesus’ role as a teacher and thinking about the moments when he started to live out God’s plan and understand His role.

Science – Groups have begun to carry out an investigation into temperature in school using thermometers. Great measuring everyone!

Geography and Art

We looked at Hokusai’s 36 views of Mount Fuji and decided on our favorites, thinking about content, mood and use of line and colour. We learned about the key features of mountains. Ask Year Four about ridges, summits,snow lines and tree lines! 

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