This Week in Year Four

Maths – We have been working on decimal fractions. We’ve been writing numbers as fractions and decimal fractions and placing them on number lines, as well as adding and subtracting 1-place decimals.

English – We have been perfecting our use of fronted adverbials, making sure that we separate them from the main clause in our sentence by using a comma. We’ve also started planning our own episode of a story, thinking specifically about setting and how it affects events.

R.E. We’ve been learning about how John prepared the way for Jesus and the ways in which people might change to get ready for Him.

Art – We looked carefully at four different views of Mount Snowdon and made our own sketches, using short lines and looking very carefully!

Science- We have continued measuring temperature around school, as well as researching the melting and boiling temperatures of different materials.

Geography – We began research on our Mountain Projects.

Have a nice weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!



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