Writing Workshops in Year 2

img_2068img_2057This week Year 2 have been working really hard to use our “Writing Toolkit” to create some excellent pieces of work.  Inspired by our visit from Paradise Wildlife Park, we wrote rhyming poems about animals.  We are continuing to work hard to develop our comprehension skills by answering questions about stories and information we have read or listened to. We are becoming very skilled at looking back to the text to find answers.

In Science we carried out some research about different animals and how they are adapted to their environment.

In our Maths lessons we continued to work on learning our 2 and 3  times table and practised doubling and halving 2-digit numbers.

We used the laptops to learn about using “Word”.  We can change the font, write capital letters, set out our  work and save and retrieve our documents.  We typed up our Animal Poems.

In RE we listened to some stories about The Good News, learning about some miracles Jesus performed. Jarius’ Daughter, The Ten Lepers and The Feeding of The 5,000.  We imagined how the witnesses of these events felt and thought about what they would have told their friends and families about them.

Check book bags  for an information booklet explaining  what will happen about end of year assessments.

Well done to those children who have remembered to bring plimsolls to school and are changing as part of the morning routine.

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