Maths Open Classes – great to learn with you!


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It was great to welcome over 110 guests this morning for our maths open classes this morning. It was also good to join with 8 members of our Governing Body who enjoyed your feedback. Watch out for a display about … Continue reading



What did we learn building our Rude Goldberg systems?


Perseverence – nothing worked first time.. Or second, third or fourth, but we kept going!

Noticing  and planning- it was the only way to build progression in the system, little alterations made all the difference.

Reasoning and questioning – working out why things happened was the clue to improving our systems.

Then we could link techniques together.

Capitalising & Revising – all our systems were improved after sharing ideas with other groups and adapting their ideas into our own.

Collaboration – we had more success working in teams and working to our strengths.

Sometimes learning involves making a mess!!!

This week in Year 6


The children have made an excellent start to this half term!
We started our new RE topic this week – Jesus the Messiah. The children deepened their understanding of Jesus by reflecting on what they believe about their faith.
We found out about Nasretin Hoca and the various tales he told – some of them were very funny indeed! The children then planned and wrote their own tales that included some very important messages.
Ratio and proportion have been our focus for maths this week. We spent time looking at some simple problems before moving on to complex ones.
In geography we found out about volcanic eruptions. 🌋
We also managed to complete our weekly arithmetic test and complete a maths SATs paper.
On Friday, some of our children were selected to be Sports Leaders and they received their training – they had a great session and feedback from the Sporting Futures Team was extremely positive! 👍🏻
Don’t forget, we have a maths open morning on Monday and Ash Wednesday Mass at 2pm on Wednesday.


Another busy week in Nursery…


have welcomed the milder weather (Storm Doris notwithstanding) by Spring cleaning our outdoor area and developing our key gross motor skills in the process.

In Maths we have been comparing groups of objects and observing when they have the same amount and practising our number recognition skills. Each morning we practise our Maths skills by either counting  how many children are in Nursery or counting those absent and taking that number away from 26!

We hope you can join us on Monday for a marvellous maths morning, when you can join us in some fun activities.

Our week in Year 5


A great start to the new half term Year 5!
We started our new science topic – materials and their properties-observing mixing, and filtering and dissolving. We found out our parts for our Easter play and had our first read through of the script, dates to follow & don’t worry-we have the costumes ready!

We have started reading our new class book, Kensuke’s Kingdom and in maths we were exploring reflection of shapes, adding and subtracting decimals and rounding decimals. We are getting the hang of more complicated place value!

In English we have explored different forms of poetry-Cinquains and Haikus. Our use of language has improved hugely and I have been very impressed with your poetry this week.

Remember to have a look at your Easter play lines this weekend!
We are looking forward to seeing lots of our parents on Monday 9.15-10.15am to join us for some Maths fun!

This week in Reception…


Today we arrived to find a huge mess in the Reception garden. We wondered if Jack’s giant had come down the beanstalk to play in the garden. Some children looked for footprints around the garden, some other children made some signs warning everyone about the giant. Despite looking for evidence of a giant, we decided that it was probably the windy storm that had caused the damage.

Jack and the beanstalk was our theme this week. We investigated and compared different beans using magnifying glasses. Then we planted some of the beans to grow our own beanstalks. We threw a dice to decide how many seeds to plant in our pots. How can we find out who has the tallest beanstalk?

In English, we wrote instructions for planting beans. In Maths, we measured the length and width of beanstalk leaves using multilink cubes. We also counted how many beans fitted in our handprints. We had to count up very high and write some big numbers.

In the small world area, we created a castle and then made some puppets to use in our imaginative play. We used our scissor skills to cut out different size leaves for the beanstalk. Beanstalks make great tunnels for vehicles too!

Technological issues so pictures to follow.




Year 1’s week…


This week Year 1 have been been working like rhinos to make moving pictures taken from the traditional tales we have been learning about. We used levers, wheels and sliders to make pictures from The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and The Beanstalk move and the results were fantastic!

We continued our Science learning about materials and made predictions about which material we thought would be best to keep The Three Little Pigs protected from The Big Bad Wolf before he came to try and blow them down! We tried clay, straw, Lego bricks, play dough and sticks. 

In R.E. this week we have been learning about baptism. If you have any photos of your baptism that you would like to share with the class, please bring them in Year 1! 

You should all have two reading books in your book bag so you can continue to read a little each night, and your maths homework and spellings are for the first Friday back after half term. Have a lovely half term everyone!