Ready for a Half Term Break!

img_2086img_2085Year 2 have worked really hard once again this week!

Inspired by a story called “The Upside Down Browns”, we wrote some very funny stories about people who behaved in a topsy-turvy way. We continued to practise our comprehension skills and to think about what we enjoy about different types of texts.

We played some really fun games to help us improve our memory skills and learned some good tricks to help us to remember things.

In our Maths lessons we have continued to work on using mental strategies to solve problems.  We have been working hard to explain “How do you know?” and “What if?” questions.  Excellent scores in “50 Club” again this week.  Year 2 are working hard at home and this week we used some I.Pad apps to help us improve our scores.

We were excited to receive our “Thank You” cards from Cafod for the Christmas gifts we bought.  We raised enough money for a queen bee, a fabulous football kit and to help someone learn to read. We have been learning some new prayers to sing and making sure we know the words and meaning of the “Our Father”, the “Hail Mary” and the “Glory Be”  remember to keep practising these at home Year 2.

Thank you for the generous donations you brought in for “Love in a Box”.  Enjoy a well-deserved rest next week Year 2 but don’t forget to keep going with your reading, your maths homework and your spellings. After half-term we will have our “Check-up” test!





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