This week in Year 6

Year 6 are almost ready to rest and recharge batteries over half term – but to also keep the SATs momentum going!
We shared our Holy Communion booklets with the children in Year 3. Well done boys and girls, I know that the children in Year 3 and Miss Rega were very impressed! We also found out about the Blessed Sacrament and created posters to show people that Jesus fulfils his promise to be with His Church through His permanent presence in the Blessed Sacrament.
The children wrote their own persuasive speeches for Room 101 – some interesting and thought provoking ideas! 🤔
In numeracy, we found the mean, worked with number sequences, triangular numbers, square number and finally, using and finding the nth term! Do you remember what we noticed about the sum of two consecutive triangular numbers?
The children completed every question on the arithmetic test this week, with most children equalling or improving on their previous scores! Great Job! 👍🏻
We found some basic definitions of various natural disasters – from volcanoes to bush fires.
Have a fantastic half term! Don’t forget to complete your homework – a good chance to practise your test technique!


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