This week in Reception…

Today we arrived to find a huge mess in the Reception garden. We wondered if Jack’s giant had come down the beanstalk to play in the garden. Some children looked for footprints around the garden, some other children made some signs warning everyone about the giant. Despite looking for evidence of a giant, we decided that it was probably the windy storm that had caused the damage.

Jack and the beanstalk was our theme this week. We investigated and compared different beans using magnifying glasses. Then we planted some of the beans to grow our own beanstalks. We threw a dice to decide how many seeds to plant in our pots. How can we find out who has the tallest beanstalk?

In English, we wrote instructions for planting beans. In Maths, we measured the length and width of beanstalk leaves using multilink cubes. We also counted how many beans fitted in our handprints. We had to count up very high and write some big numbers.

In the small world area, we created a castle and then made some puppets to use in our imaginative play. We used our scissor skills to cut out different size leaves for the beanstalk. Beanstalks make great tunnels for vehicles too!

Technological issues so pictures to follow.




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