Have a wonderful holiday Year 1!


This week in Year 1 we have been working very hard to complete our very own non-fiction books about barn owls. We researched their habitat, the food they eat, their features and their families and have written some really fantastic books. Well done Year 1! 
On Wednesday we took part in an Easter egg hunt for our Lenten charities. The children showed great resilience in looking for the eggs (Ms Coleman had hidden some of them a little too well!) and fabulous team-work and perseverance.
We really enjoyed our KS1 Lenten mass on Thursday morning. Well done to our readers and to all the children for singing so beautifully. 
Have a lovely holiday Year 1! Please keep up your reading over the holiday – if you run out of school reading books then perhaps make a trip to the library. See you in two weeks time! 

This week in Year 6


Another action-packed week in Year 6!

On Monday we watched Year 5’s Gospel Show – it was superb and we were very proud of them! In the afternoon, we found out about the Stations of the Cross and we created our own silhouette art work to show our chosen station.

The children took part in a drumming session with Mrs Luchies on Tuesday – they did a fantastic job, I was so impressed! Many thanks to Mrs Luchies for bringing the drums in for us!

We have continued to work through old SATs papers; making sure we annotate the papers to give us an extra layer of support. The children have worked in small groups, with a partner or independently to complete the variety of papers throughout the week.

Don’t forget to complete your Easter homework – let’s keep the momentum going!
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and enjoy the time together with your families!



This week in Year 6


It’s been an exciting week in Year 6!

We’ve continued to work through various SATs practice papers and complete daily maths challenges.

On Wednesday morning we walked to St. George’s and St. Andrew’s Church to take part in Bridgebuilder’s Easter Journey. The children moved through different stations to find out about the events leading up to Easter. They met a variety of different characters, ranging from Nicodemus to Judas.

On Friday afternoon the children joined with Year 2 to complete their Lenten fundraising event. Excellent bouncing boys and girls!!! 👍🏻
Don’t forget to bring your sponsor money in!

Have a wonderful weekend!


This week in Reception…


Another week of Super hero learning. We have created our own heroes and then written descriptions about them. We thought about which powers we would have and what our costumes would be. Plans and maps were added to and annotated in the Superhero headquarters. The Superheroes had to solve several different challenges such as getting a cat out of a tree and how to stop Pyro man setting fire to the firework factory.

In Maths, we have been thinking about the numbers that come before or after the number we have. We have also been using different coins in the classroom supermarket.

In RE, we have continued to learn about how Jesus loves us and thinking about how we can be more like him by reviewing our Lenten promises. We have also said lots of prayers of thanks for our families, especially our mums, at this special time of year. We hope you like  the cards and presents that we created.

It was lovely to meet so many mums and dads at Open Evening and I was very happy to share lots of examples of very good learning and excellent behaviour. Well done, Reception, you have been working very hard this term.

Remember your bicycles, scooters and sponsor money for the EYFS sponsored scoot on Monday!

Sponsored Bounce


Wow! We had the most fantastic afternoon of fundraising fun in Year 2 today. We had 2 bouncy castles, an assortment of new playground equipment and skipping ropes.  We ended the day with ice lollies.  It was wonderful to see the Year 2 and Year 6 children working together to raise money for our Lenten charities. Remember to bring your sponsor money in next week Year 2.  If you forgot your  money and had a lolly today please bring your £1 on Monday.