This week in Year 6 by Joey and Amber

This week has been a hard week for Year 6.

On Monday, we spent time with our parents working through a Titanic maths activity – we would not like to be the ones funding their costs!

On Tuesday, we edited and wrote out our Room 101 pieces with some great persuasive arguments! We had some great scores in our 50 club and arithmetic tests – let’s hope this carries on!

On Wednesday, we worked with Mrs Conn to come up with a fantastic futuristic invention. All of the children behaved brialliantly at our Ash Wednesday Mass and thank you Father Michael for leading our prayers.

On Thursday, everyone dressed up as book characters and we had some amazing costumes! We also did some World Book Day activities and said goodbye to Mrs La Sala – you will be missed. The boys won their football match 3-4 and they even had an Oompa Loompa playing for them!

Remember to put money in your CAFOD boxes.

Have a great weekend, Amber and Joey.


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