This Week In Year Four

This week Year Four have had an action packed week! On Monday we enjoyed spending time with parents working on multiplication strategies during our open morning. We have also been looking at strategies for addition. On Thursday we saw some great costumes – well done everyone! We also enjoyed working on developing character descriptions and making Top Trumps cards for our favourite characters – what do you think the Big Bad Wolf should score for bravery?!We have also practised using conjunctions to write logical arguments.  In History we explored Anglo Saxon burial finds from Sutton Hoo. This week our R.E. learning has focused on learning about the divine and human aspects of Jesus, and how this knowledge helps us. In Science we learned about the different states of water, observing condensation in action! img_3305img_3304img_3302img_3300img_3299img_3298img_3289img_3290img_3292img_3293img_3295img_3296img_3288img_3287img_3286


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